Sorry God, What did you say?


He said Uganda!

I thought that’s what He said, but I just wanted to make sure! To double check, nope, triple check, actually I think I may have said “Sorry God, what did you say” at least 100 times

2 years ago, Phil and I were at a “Dreaming with God” workshop. We were talking about our hopes and our dreams and where we think God is taking us. All of a sudden and out of nowhere God popped this thought into my head, “As a family, we are going to Uganda in March 2013” What the heck!

Where on earth had that come from?
We had never talked about going to Africa. It wasn’t on my bucket list. It wasn’t even something I thought I wanted to do, in fact, I’m pretty sure it was something I definitely didn’t want to do! But when God places an idea in your heart, you know that he is going to make it happen, whether you help him or not! And really who am I to stand in the way of what God wants to do?

But you know, when I thought about it, and I did think about it a lot, mainly at 2 in the morning when I played out all the scenario’s of all the animals that could eat me, I wasn’t completely scared out of my wits, 2 years is like ages away, and who knows, God may change his mind about what he said (yeah right!)

The more Phil and I talked about it, the more this thing was becoming a reality, albeit a scary reality! Sure, we had travelled as a family before, hitting the States for a year in 2009, but this was something completely different, I mean we are talking AFRICA people, AFRICA! You know that place filled with Lions, Hippo’s, Elephants and man-eating mosquito’s. That place where scorpions will crawl into your shoes at night and where the ants are bigger than chicken McNuggets!

And so here we are 2 years later and we are about to head off on another “Strong Family Adventure”

Ok God……. I (think) am ready for this!