Deepest Darkest Africa, Here I come!


Ok, so this week has been a biggie!

As we get back from a weekend away with family and start repacking our bags for Uganda, the realization of what we are doing has hit me!

We (being a nice white middle-class family, who, to be honest, love our creature comforts) are up and leaving the world as we know it and heading off to deepest darkest Africa. Ok, so maybe it’s not the deepest or the darkest part, but it sure is Africa! Every normal thing we take for granted will be ripped from us and we will be thrown into a whole new world! A world very different from our own.

We will have no electricity, hang on, I’m guessing that means no internet or Facebook either, woah, this reality thing is really is sinking in now! No running water, and apparently we won’t be having cornflakes for breakfast (next they’ll be telling me there’s no vegemite for my toast) All our much loved and adored creature comforts….gone the minute we step off the plane! Oh, and speaking of creatures, I have been warned to shake my shoes out before we put them on, as you never know what will crawl in there during the night, and to not sleep with my mouth open either!

It will be hot, it will be different, yes, there will be creepy crawlies, I will be completely out of my comfort zone, and no doubt smelling anything but roses after 2 weeks!


Oh my goodness! How many people get the opportunity to travel to Africa with their family and have the adventure of a lifetime? Every time I feel myself getting overwhelmed with my “To Do” list, I stop, take a deep breath, eat another french fry and remind myself how Blessed I am. I know God will never give me more than I can handle, so if God thinks I can do this, then who am I to argue with him?

So as I try and pack my 15 kilo’s worth of clothing allowance into my backpack, I am doing my happy dance to some African music I have found on the net (much to the kids horror) and getting super excited about being taken out of my comfort zone and thrown into a world completely different from anything I have ever known or experienced before.

Alrighty God, this middle-class white girl is ready!