Grumpy Cow Syndrome!

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So after last week’s honesty list, I was all set to blow my own trumpet this week!

I had it all planned out in my mind, to tell you all about the good things, brag about what a great job of parenting I have done this week, tell you what an awesome wife I have been, I was even going to share with you some words of wisdom about being all God has called you to be.

And then somehow life got in the way and I got grumpy cow syndrome (funnily enough, I am the only one allowed to say that in my house, anyone else gets the grumpy cow AND the evil eye if they mention those words and believe you me, that is not a good combination!)

So all my best intentions had turned to custard (and not a nice warm bowl of the stuff either, more like spilt all over the floor, and running down the walls!)

I so wanted to be like Mary Poppins and Mother Theresa all rolled into one, but somehow I ended up a cross between Cruella Deville and the evil stepmother from Cinderella!

It seemed the harder I tried, the grumpier I got!

The nice family dinner I had planned, turned into a “heads down, eat as fast as you can, so you can leave the table as quickly as you can” dinner. The romantic evening I had planned with Phil turned into an “I have a headache, I am going to bed early” evening and the rest of the week just seemed to be one grumpy comment flowing after the other to everyone around me. And to be completely honest, when I get grumpy my controlling perfectionist side comes out even stronger, so by the end of the week nobody could do anything right! It’s weeks like this that I wish we had a cat who could take the brunt of my grumpiness instead of my poor family!

The silly thing was, I knew I was being unreasonable, but just didn’t seem to have the tools or the will power to change it!

Now I could give you a hundred and one excuses for my behaviour. It’s that time of the month, I have a lot on my plate, I wasn’t feeling well, blah, blah, blah, but let’s face it, the truth was, I was just being grumpy and I needed to snap out of it!

So instead of blowing my own trumpet this week, looks like I am going to have to blow the trumpet of the rest of my family!

They were incredible! Everyone was so patient with me, and I learned this week what grace really looks like!

I know there is give and take in all families, but I think this week I had the monopoly on giving…… instructions, giving grumpy comments, giving everyone grief when they didn’t deserve it!

Not to embarrass Jackson (sorry if you’re reading this son) but he has such a gift of encouragement. “It’s ok Mum, you’re not grumpy, you’re just a bit tired” “You know you’re the greatest Mum in the whole world and I love you heaps” “Why don’t you go have a rest Mum, I will clean up for you”

Phil is also encouraging, but in a very different way “Honey, you are so grumpy, how can I help you deal with whatever is going on so we can have the happy Kathy back” “Honey, here is what your problem is……..” “Honey, you are better than this, what can I do to help”

And as for my Gracie, well when I apologized to her, she responded with “I didn’t notice you were grumpy Mum” and gave me a big hug (not sure if I should be more worried that she didn’t notice, or if she thinks I am like this all the time!)

So big ups to my awesome family this week! You have taught me some lessons I clearly needed to learn and done it all with Grace, Unconditional Acceptance and Love. Thank You.

Here’s hoping I can blow my own trumpet next week……











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