What kind of Story are You?

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storyWhat kind of story are You?

Are you a fairytale where you walk around all day with blue birds on your shoulder?

Are you a drama, where it’s a constant stream of one disaster after another?

Are you a nightmare, where people look at your life and just wish you would wake up and see what you are living?

My life is an ongoing story that everyone around me is reading, my husband, my kids and everyone I come across whether in person, on Facebook or over the net. I often wonder what is it saying to them…..

  • That life is a chore?
  • That every day is a struggle with self-esteem?
  • That life is just too hard and not worth the effort?
  • That I just can’t be bothered with anything, the way I dress, what I do with my hair, the way my house looks, that I can’t be bothered with life in general?

What is it you want your life to say to others?

Do you want them to look at your life and say, we’ll if that’s all there is to life, she can have it! Or do you want them saying “I’ll have what she’s having”

Please hear me, I am not talking about bragging about who you are and being arrogant with what you have been given, but to embrace who you are, love the life you have, and be thankful for ALL circumstances.

I am truly blessed, but some days I wonder if that is the message people are getting. Do they see how blessed I am in the words I speak and with my actions? Or do they just see someone who is bogged down with the day to day living, someone that is just in survival mode?

What story are we telling the people in our lives? Is it one they want to be part of? Do they listen to your words, see your actions and say “I want to be part of that story” or do they run the other way when they see you coming! Does the room light up when you walk in or is there a dark cloud following you where ever you go?

If you are not living the best story you can I have great news for you…..you can change it! Yip, it’s that simple!

You don’t have to re-write the whole story, but start with changing one thing at a time:


You will be surprised at what a difference one small change can make.

Go on, I dare you…..