35 Days and Counting…..

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Well, my Poppet turns 13 next month!

PicMonkey Collage-Gracie3.jpgSeriously, where has the time gone? I know that’s what all old people say, but it seemed like only yesterday that she was a tiny tot bouncing on my knee, with the chubbiest wee arms, and the most kissable cheeks you have ever seen. She is now just as tall as me (ok, that was never going to be hard!) and loves to borrow my clothes, my shoes, my ear-rings, my bags, in fact nothing she can get her teenage hands on! Thankfully, I have a couple more years before I hear the words “Mum, can I please borrow your car!”

Hard to believe I am old enough to have teenagers in the house, but it’s a fact, and one I accept willingly.

To be honest, I LOVE teenagers, they are so much fun and the more the merrier. Every weekend we have “extra’s” and our house turns into a battle between guys and  girls, who can make the most noise, who can eat the most food and who can have the most fun! Sometimes I have to remind myself that I am the Mum, and not get too carried away joining in!

But I digress! Back to my baby turning 13……

It’s a biggie in our house, turning 13, ok, I admit it, I turn every occasion into a biggie but why not? Isn’t life worth celebrating? (Hmm, maybe there’s a blog in that!)

So the countdown is on! Speaking of things I love, countdowns are near the top of that list! I will countdown to anything: Christmas, birthdays, holidays, family visiting, gosh, I will even countdown to others people’s adventures! Yip, I gladly wear the crown of “Countdown Queen”

So Gracie and I are counting down to the big “Girls Weekend Away”. Every year we go away for a girlie weekend, but being 13 deserves a bit more than 2 days away so we are heading off to Melbourne to do some serious shopping! 5 whole days of just me and my girl, shopping, a musical, movies, shopping, eating out and no doubt more shopping!

To her credit, Gracie has been saving every single cent she gets for the last year. She has been dedicated and diligent in her savings, and sacrificed for this trip. When her other friends were at the movies or spending their money on lip gloss, Gracie would say to me “It’s ok Mum, I can wait till Melbourne” Both Phil and I have been super proud of her savings achievements and commitment, this from a girl who would normally spend her money before it even hits her pocket!


Gracie and I have started our countdown, and with each cross on the calendar, the excitement rises……


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  1. Very cool, hope you guys will have lots of fun. And…. for those who don’t have daughters to do this fun stuff with. You can do them with your son as well. 22 days until Joel and I are off to Washington DC. Admittedly there will be more museum visiting taking place then shopping but oh well. Exciting nonetheless.

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