Who gets the best of you?

Each minute of every day, we are presented with a choice on how we spend our time. We can either miss the moments or grasp them.

I have been challenged this week with not just where I spend my time, but how I spend it and who I spend it with. Not just that, but how am I spending my time when I am with those people?

  • Am I constantly checking my phone?
  • Am I always on my i-pad?
  • Am I distracted by little things when people are talking to me?
  • Does my mind wonder instead of being in the moment?

I guess it’s a challenge for all of us. There are so many distractions that can take us away from what’s really important. Never before have there been so many devices to take us away from what’s really important…… people!

Imagine missing your daughter’s first step because you were checking Facebook or missing the winning goal scored by your son because you were texting a friend about meeting for coffee later! Thankfully, I have never missed one of these moments but I can see how easily it can happen.

If we aren’t careful, life can just pass us by while we are on Pinterest, Facebook or watching mindless television. It’s like the old saying goes, when you’re lying on your death bed, you aren’t going to be wishing you spent more time on Facebook, but you will be wishing you spent more time with family and friends!

Then I got to thinking about how this affects me, or more to the point, how it affects the people around me:

Does Phil know how much I appreciate all he does for our family or does he just hear how tired I am and that he forgot to take the trash out?

Do my kids know how important they are to me or do they get the dregs at the end of the day when I have finished being nice to everyone else?

Do my friends know how much their friendship means to me or do they only hear about the struggles of life whenever we talk?




I am trying hard this week to be focused, present in the moment and more intentional about the way I spend my time…...what about you?