We all know what day it is…..

C’mon, don’t let me down!
You know what day it is today, it’s a pretty significant day in my calendar!

No, it’s not my birthday, that was a couple of weeks ago, and may I add it also just happens to be the same day Johnny Depp celebrates his birthday! (And yes, I am just a little Starstruck over Johnny!)

No, it’s not my Wedding Anniversary, Phil has another couple of months to be planning for that one!

And no, it is not the day I gave birth to one of my cherubs, although that day is coming up pretty quick with another teenager about to launch forth!

family christmasBUT, it is 6 months today to Christmas! Oh my goodness, I am so excited. For those of you who know me well, know that I am the one and only original Christmas Fairy! I LOVE Christmas! I just love everything about it, the decorations, the lights, pressies, music, the festivities, hanging with family, eating copious amount of food and consuming far too much sparkly wine! Yip, Christmas is definitely my favourite time of the year. It just makes me happy!

And I have figured out that when I am happy, the rest of the family is happy! It’s one of those flow on effects, one of the good ones that is, let’s not go into the negative ones today, remember today is a happy day!

So I have decided that because it makes me happy, then why should we only celebrate it once a year. Now I know we only celebrate the birth of Jesus once a year, but why can’t we just celebrate! I say if it makes you happy then do it! (Within reason people!)

182 sleeps is just too long to wait so (much to the surprise of my family!) we will be having a mid year Christmas this year! That’s right, turkey, Pavlova, sparkling wine, decorations inc a fully decorated tree, and yes, I may even throw in a some Christmas Stockings filled with treats. I know, I know, I will get looks of horror from the boys and no doubt a couple of “Mum, your crazy” comments thrown in, but hey, it’s all about making memories and creating stories we will remember for years to come, even if all those stories are about how crazy I am. At least I will be a happy crazy woman!

Now, where did I put that tinsel……..