Pounding the Pavement!

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In case you were wondering the answer is yes!

Yes, I am still running! I haven’t written about it for a while, but I am still out there 3-4 days a week pounding the pavement!

Image 5Some days I love it. I hit the road and I feel like wonder woman, unstoppable, unbeatable and running like the wind! Other days, it’s not quite so majestic….. I am more like a telly tubby bouncing along the road, face redder than a beet-root and wondering again to myself “Why am I doing this?”

But there are benefits to this crazy running thing. My weight has stabilized, even with my weekly dose of french fries, I am feeling so much more motivated and I have actually noticed this week that I am getting fitter. My times now compared to January are quicker and I am running further.

So this is all lovely and good, but the purpose of this blog is not to pat myself on the back but to challenge myself!

You know, sometimes you have a goal or a dream that you are working towards but if you don’t tell anyone, then there’s no one to hold you accountable. There’s also no one to see you fail if you don’t quite make it, and so sometimes we don’t share our goals, so no one will see if we don’t make it.

That’s where I am at with my running. I have a goal, but if I don’t tell anyone, and I don’t make it, no one will be any the wiser and I won’t have failed in their eyes! But there is also no one to cheer me on, on the days where I just can’t be bothered (and yes, I do have those days!) So I am telling you. I am sharing my goal so there is no turning back or backing down from this. The moment I type those words, it is done, I am committed.

Ok, here I go….

“I am going to run a Half Marathon”


There! I have done it! I have put it out there. I’m kinda glad you can’t actually see how long it has taken me to type those words! But if I don’t put it out there, I have no accountability and can chicken out at any stage. And actually, I don’t want to do that!

It is a scary goal for me. The thought of running 21k’s seems absolutely impossible at the moment, but then again so did 5k’s this time last year! So I guess I just need to put one foot in front of the other…..for a whole 21k’s!

Even though I am doubting myself today, I have to believe I can do this, and lucky for you, you get to travel this journey with me!

Right, the next decision of the day, do I go put on my running shoes or sit by the fire with a hot chocolate and my book………..

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  1. Just a quick word of encouragement. About 5 years ago when I started running regularly, I too struggled with 5k’s. My goal was just to keep running. It almost felt like an imminent heart attack at times. I have since completed several marathons, and am now intensely focused on achieving a sub 4 marathon. Enjoy the half!

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