Who are you investing into?


Lately, Phil and I have been having “marriage meetings” Now I know what you are thinking, poor things, why would they do that, sounds way too formal and way too boring! But, really, it’s just a good excuse to sit down and catch up with where each other is at. Sometimes life can get so busy and we cram so much into our day, that come night time, and we have a coveted night at home, all we want to do is “veg out” We sit down, watch mindless garbage on tv and maybe have the odd conversation about the kids or the mortgage. But really, is that all life is about? Being so busy that the ones closest to us, get the dregs of us at the end of the day?

I have decided that the people closest to me deserve better than that! So Phil and I have made a conscious decision to invest into our relationship. Now I am not talking about 3 hour deep and meaningful’s every night, even that would make me run for the hills! But we do set aside time every week to see how the other one is doing.

Last night we dropped the kids at Youth Group and instead of going home, which, to be honest, we were tempted to do as we were both pretty tired, we went into town. We found a restaurant that was serving $6 desserts and sat for a couple of hours over chocolate brownie and ice cream and just chatted. To be honest the conversation wasn’t that deep or that meaningful, but it was a connection that we both needed. It didn’t cost the earth and we both came away feeling so much better than if we had just stayed at home (And to my surprise I discovered Phil hates Banoffee pie. Who would have thought? 17 years of marriage and I never knew that!)

I can see you now, you’re sitting there complaining how busy you are and how tired you are at the end of the day! Sure, we are all busy, but are we too busy for the people who really matter to us? I’m sure if the Queen or Heaven forbid, Johnny Depp rang and said they were coming to visit, you would make time. You would shuffle your day around and fit them in. So why is it that the people closest to us, the ones who put up with us 24/7, through the thick and thin, through the good, the bad and the ugly, only get the leftovers?

Don’t they deserve better than that…….


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  1. Yes, I know exactly where you’re coming from. No kids at home any more so our evenings are our own and they start when I get home from work. We sit and chat (usually over a glass or two – or three, if it’s been a bad day! – of wine) before fetching dinner or watching TV. If we had done that earlier in our marriage our problems would have been fewer. Never called them marriage meetings, though! x

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