The Long Road Ahead…..

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Do you ever look at your dreams and wonder if they are ever going to happen?

It’s like you’re walking down a long pier trying to get to the sea, but you just never seem to reach it? It’s there, you can see it, you can smell it, you can even hear the waves crashing against the shore, but it’s just always out of arms reach?

Some day’s I feel like that with the dreams God has given me. I know they are there, I know I have been promised them, but they are just out of my reach, I just can’t seem to get them in my grasp. No matter how much I keep walking towards them, they are always off in the distance, calling me, teasing me even, but just not close enough to touch.

Some days it would seem easier to just sit. To be ok with where I am and park myself there, to not go after my dreams. But I know God has called me to make a difference and so I continue to walk.

Some day’s I walk in hope. I walk with a spring in my step, almost skipping, confident in what God has called me to do. Confident that I am walking in the right direction and if I just keep going, one day I will get there.

Some days I walk with my eyes closed, too afraid to open them and see that I still have a long way to go. I walk aimlessly without direction or purpose, and stumble my way along.

Some days, I feel I am so tired that I just can’t walk any further, all I want to do is sit down and wait for someone to pick me up and carry me the rest of the way, but knowing deep down, there is no one to pick me up. This is a journey I have to walk out myself.

Other days I walk with purpose, knowing that every small step I make is one step closer to who God has called me to be.

Some days I am running. I am filled with so much excitement about what God has in store for me, that I can’t help but run. The energy surging through me like lightening, nothing can stop me!

Then there are the days I feel I am being dragged along by my heels, kicking and screaming like a spoilt child, being taken to the dentist. Knowing it will be better for me in the long run, but at the moment all I can see is the pain and I am not enjoying the journey.

Yet, I know that whether I am walking, running, skipping or being dragged along by my heels, each day I am one step closer to the dreams God has for me. One day I will reach the end of the pier… day.

I will stand there, breathing in the gentle sea breeze, dangling my feet in the warm water, happy, contented and at peace with God. Thankful to God for the journey he has called me on.

But until that day comes, I will keep walking.

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  1. Thank you so much for your honesty, but also encouragement though this blog. I really needed to know someone else felt the same despite being on different journeys. Thank you so much you wonderful lady you oxo

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