Christmas Carols in October?

Heck yes!

As you get to know me better you will know that I am absolutely nuts about Christmas! I just love everything about it, the food, the friends, the decorations, the festivities, the music and, of course, more than anything, the Reason for the Season!

Around the dinner table the other night I made the BIG announcement of our theme for this year. I was so sure that my family would at least fake their excitement for me.  I know by now that they won’t get as excited as me but thought maybe, just maybe, this year they will get on board with me or at least pretend to be excited!. So I told them the theme and then sat there beaming from ear to ear, waiting for what I hoped would be at least some kind of excitement!

A standing ovation, or maybe some oohs and ahh’s about how awesome my idea was or even some clapping and cheering as they looked at each other with amazement at my brilliance. But, to be honest, they just all looked at me blankly. I was like “C’mon guys, say something!” Maybe they were so blown away by the theme that they were literally speechless. But alas, all I got was an “Oh, ok, that’s cool”

Now years gone past, I would have got quite offended and upset that they weren’t as excited as me with this momentous announcement, but I have learnt over time, that they are not just not into it as much as I am (actually, between you and me, I don’t know many people that are!)

And so instead of getting disheartened at their lack of “Ohh’s and Ahhh’s”, I have learned not to let it affect my excitement. Sure, I could get down and be all like “No one even cares as much as I do (which is probably true!) why even bother. Let’s just flag Christmas this year.” But no, I am not going down the whole Martyr path. I mean, really, that doesn’t work for any of us! Instead, I carry on in my own wee world of Christmas excitement and plan the festivities in my head until I can put the tree up on December 1st!

But, Christmas music, well, that’s a different story! No one has put “December 1st” rules around that and so as I sit here and type, I have my headphones on and I have my Christmas music blaring! I’m sure if the family could hear it, they really would think I am crazy, but what can I say…...Christmas (and it’s music) just makes me happy! And who says you can’t be happy in October!


ps….If you’re wondering, my theme this year is the old classic “Red & White”

red christmas

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