Square Burger, Round Bun……AHHHH!

It’s just wrong!

Square burgers were made for square buns and round burgers were made for round buns, right?
I mean, who in their rightful mind would put a square burger in a round bun? Well, Wendy’s would, that’s who! Now for that very reason I would never normally eat there, but this week was different. But first a tiny bit of history to clue you in……

I’m a little OCD and I’m not sure if I should be proud or embarrassed to admit it! But I do love it when things are lined up perfectly, labelled and put away where they should be. I love it when the petrol pump finishes with a round number and I can’t stop running until I hit that full kilometer! The tv volume is always on an even number and so is the temperature in my car! I love things in straight rows, hence the reason why I got rid of all my circular Tupperware in my pantry and the reason I got rid of the striped duvet cover on my bed (I spent way too many hours making sure the stripes were straight and figured it was easier and less time consuming to just not have stripes!) The clothes in my wardrobe are all hung according to colour categories and all the lovely lined boxes that sit on my top shelf are labelled and neat as a pin! Yes, the world is a happier place when things are lined up, labelled and in the right order!

a burger squareSo back to square burgers in round buns. Again, it’s just wrong, but it’s amazing the things we will do for our kids. Jackson has been working so hard with his school work and I promised him if he got 6 100%’s in a row, I would take him out for lunch (without his sister!) He hit that goal at the end of last year but we just hadn’t found the time to make it happen. Seeing his sister is away this week (that is a whole other story in itself!) I said we would finally do it……… His pick! Wherever he wanted to go would be fine with me! Of course, I was secretly hoping he would choose one of my favourites, but I kept my mouth shut! Now, Wendy’s has just opened by us so of course he wanted to try this new place. I had seen the ads, and I knew they put square patties in round buns, but this wasn’t about me! This was Jacksons reward, this was all about him. And so as much as I was screaming in my head “NOOOOOO!” I said out loud “Sure thing Buddy, it’ll be nice!” But could I do it? Could I actually eat a square burger in a round bun, and live to tell the tale?

So I sucked it up and ordered 2 square burgers in round buns! It took everything in me when I got my burger to not trim the corners, but I didn’t! I ate every last little bit, yes, even the square corners! To be honest, I think Jackson found it quite amusing, the fact that his crazy old Mum would eat a square burger just for him! We had a great lunch (ok, not the food so much but the company and conversation definitely made up for it!)

I know for a fact I won’t be rushing back for another one anytime soon! Sorry, all you Wendy’s fans out there, I hope I haven’t offended any of you, but it’s just not my thing! I think from now on, I will stick with round burgers in round buns, and peace will be restored to the world, well my world anyway! I know I am the Burger Queen, but there are even limits to what this slightly OCD girl will put herself through!

a burger