Perfectly Flawed!

Yip! That’s me to a T…. Perfectly flawed!

I admit it (in fact on a daily basis) that I am not perfect. I have struggled for years with my imperfections and so for years I have tried to be perfect, or at least make it look like it from the outside while struggling on the inside! If I was ever going to set myself up to fail, then this would be that time. I mean, really, who is perfect? Is anyone? And we all know the answer to that… one is!

Each one of us has flaws that make us who we are. We were all created uniquely, with a plan and a purpose for our lives, but at the same time each one of us is flawed with imperfections who make us who we are.

I don’t usually like to highlight my flaws, cause you know, there are so many, but thought I would share a story about how I am dealing with them and more to the point, accepting unconditionally who God has created me to be!

I love to write, which is probably a good thing since I am here writing a blog each week! But my grammar is not the best, which I am sure you have probably noticed! I loved English at school, but it has been a while since I have had to put any of it to use. So often, I will use the wrong grammar or wrong spelling of a word. I am notorious for getting your and you’re muddled up!

A couple of months ago I was away at a Conference and God bought me a necklace (that is a whole another story and will write about that another day!) This necklace means so much to me so I got it engraved with the words God had said to me when I bought it “Because you’re worth it” and the date. I took it into the engravers, watched as he wrote the words to go on it and left, excited about having it personalized.

3.30 the next morning I sat bolt upright in bed and realized I had put watched him spell “you’re” wrong. He had put your instead of you’re and I hadn’t even noticed at the time that it was wrong. My heart sank, but I would call them first thing in the morning before they start it (they said it would take 3-4 days, so I had time) I called the minute the shop opened and talked to the lovely man who had had spare time the day before and had engraved my necklace for me! Nooooooooo!!!!!! I was too late, the necklace had been done and it couldn’t be changed! My heart again sank through the floor and I couldn’t stop the tears streaming down my face.

How could I have been so stupid? To be given such an extravagant gift and then to ruin it with my imperfections. I started down the whole track of ” This is so typical of you Kathy, you can’t even get this right. How can you call yourself a writer when your spelling is appalling” etc etc etc,  and it sent me into a spiral of remembering all the times I had stuffed up. I was absolutely devastated.

But God wasn’t mad at me. He didn’t beat me up about what I had done. He didn’t scold me, scoff at me and He wasn’t disappointed in me. He took me to verses in the Bible that reminded me of what He thinks of me; that I am fearfully and wonderfully made, that before I was born He set me apart, that I am worth more than rubies, that I am clothed with strength and dignity and that I can laugh at the days to come!

He then said to me “That necklace isn’t perfect, but it is precious…… just like you”


Just because the necklace is flawed doesn’t make it any less precious to me, just as me being flawed doesn’t make me any less loved by God. I LOVE my necklace, and every time I wear it, I am reminded how precious I am to Him, not perfect but none the less precious.

a flawed