Living a Life of Wild Obedience!

I am off to a Christian Women’s Blogging Conference in August. Now I know all you kiwi’s are going “What? A blogging conference and a Christian one at that? Who even knew there were such things”

Well, there are such things and I am off to my first one in August. And I have to admit, I am pretty jolly excited! I am rather new, on the whole, blogging scene, but in America it is HUGE, and it has been around for a long time! Some of the women, I follow and admire have been blogging for years, and I am excited to glean some of their wisdom!

I am so looking forward to connecting with like minded women, women who share the same passions about our Loving Father as I do. Women who spend their time writing to share their life experiences, express who they are, to encourage, to inspire, to uplift and to help women feel normal about who they are and to rise up to the calling God has on their life.

The theme this year is “Wild Obedience” and here is a snippet from their website:

I don’t know about you, but it excites me to no end to think about what it looks like to have hearts so surrendered, so ready to obey, because we know God is a good God, a perfect Father, our protector, and our provider. And what does it look like to obey wildly with our whole lives?  It looks like:

Putting God first. First. In everything.

Waiting when He says wait.

Being fearless {in Him} when He says GO.

Walking by Faith.

Being creative. Using our gifts.

Taking a step even if there’s a possibility of failure.

Taking Him at His Word – About Who HE is. About Who YOU are.

Running after Him.

Letting go of what others think to pursue His plans for our lives.

Being vulnerable with our stories.


Even just reading that again, I can feel the excitement welling up in me! What could or would my life look like if I lived in Wild Obedience? How would the world around me change if I let go of all that holds me back, trust in Him completely and live in Wild Obedience!

The first step in Wild Obedience for me is actually attending the conference! It’s a huge step of faith to attend, but something Phil and I feel to make a priority this year. Sure, it will mean sacrifice, but aren’t all good things worth having, worth a little sacrifice?

I know God will make a way, and I know that even the experience of getting there will be a faith journey in itself, let alone all I know God will actually do at the conference!

I am excited that I get to share 3 days with other women who get what I do! More than that, they get why I do what I do! I know not everyone is called to live their life transparent and for the whole world to see, but I know it is something God has asked me to do. Some weeks it is easy, but, to be honest, some weeks it is hard, some weeks I don’t want to be vulnerable and open up my life for others to see! But I continue to be faithful to my calling and know God will give me all I need each and every week.

So, yay, yay, yay! I am excited, I am expectant, I am filled with hope and I am doing everything I can in preparation for when I go in 154 days!

How would your life look if you lived in Wild Obedience?


2 thoughts on “Living a Life of Wild Obedience!

  1. Love this Kathy! I am excited for you. In fact I can’t wait to hear what you learn and what God does, cos I am sure it will be huge with those topics, how can it not be! And it made me smile cos with such a private journey of ours being so open I get that vulnerability and that sometimes you love it and are obedient it in, and other times it is just plain hard. But I for one greatly appreciate your obedience as it’s nice to read someone else struggles with the same things, or loves the same things or to just see the power of our God at work in another. Keep it up lovely lady!

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