Is it really Wasting Time?

Some days I sit at my computer, hands poised over the keys, waiting to type what is swirling around in my head, and then…… Nothing!

Absolutely nothing!

No words of wisdom, no great thoughts, no sheer brilliance, just, well, nothing! So today I sit here and my mind thinks about everything under the sun, except writing! What’s for dinner tonight? Have I remembered to do everything on my to-do list? What time do the kids need to be out tonight? What am I going to wear out on Saturday night? Is there enough milk for my cereal tomorrow?

Ok, Kathy, focus, ohhh let’s try Facebook! Surely there’s some inspiration on there? Alas, aside from a friend cleaning her kitchen and another friend off for a run, there’s not much on there to inspire me this morning!

Pinterest, bound to be some inspiration on there! If it wasn’t for the distraction of yet another page of organizing tips, maybe I would actually find something helpful (actually I think 101 tips for organizing your wardrobe is super helpful, although I think hubby might dispute that!)

Instagram, my new favourite site I have joined (I know, I know, I am a little slow on these things!) No doubt there will be photo’s on there that will stimulate my mind into putting pen to paper?

Again, nothing! A mind blank, a blonde moment, a temporary leave of my senses, call it what you like, but there is just nothing there today!

And so I surf. I surf the vast internet and catch up on the things I may have missed. I scroll through pages of stuff, stuff and more stuff! I surf until I forget what I was actually on there for and I bring myself back to the real world of fighting kids and chores to be done!

But are all these things really such time wasters? Have I just wasted an hour of my life on trivial things that have no meaning? Well, some days I would say yes. Yes, they are a time waster, but on other days I would disagree. And yes, I often have disagreements with myself if you were wondering!

Some days I can be on Facebook and see that a close friend is having a hard day, another is going in for an operation and yet another is mourning the loss of her Mum.

I can go on pinterest and get inspirational quotes to encourage others. I can find a new dinner idea’s for the family (and yes, I do try them, not just pin them) and I can fill my love tank with more organizational idea’s than you can shake a stick at!

I can see on Instagram that a friend from Church had 22 salvations at a youth event at Church. I can see photo’s of friends enjoying life, doing what they love and living the life God has called them to live!

So yes, these things can be distractions or a waste of time, but they can also keep me connected with what is going on in my world. They can keep me in the loop so to speak.

They prompt me to pray for people, to send an encouraging note or to offer a helping hand where I can. They remind me that there is more going on in the world than just my little corner of it. That people (my friends) are going through some real hard stuff and I need to be there for them. They remind me that I am called to make a difference in this world, not just be an observer. They prompt me to get off my butt and live a life worth living because as much as I am watching, people are watching me! And what is my life (my status’, my photo’s my pins) saying to people. I want to live a life that honours God, in all that I do.

So, wasted time or time used wisely….. that’s up to you!


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