Breathe, just Breathe……

Ever said something and then wish you could take it back?
It happens to me often. The words just seem to fall out of my mouth before I can stop them. It’s like one of those chocolate fountains. It just keeps pouring and pouring…… And pouring!

The other week I was sharing with some friends that I was “just cruising at the moment” and there wasn’t much “urgency” in my life. Talk about famous last words! In what seemed like a flash, things have gone from cruising to “Help, I have so much to do, the world is too busy, and I want to get off. Ahhhhh

In the next 2 weeks, I am tackling 2 of the biggest hurdles for me…… Running and public speaking! To be honest, I think I would rather go to the dentist, bungee jump, wrestle a tiger or jump out of a plane. All of which seem way less stressful than either of these 2 things, but I know I need to face both of these head on. I know God has equipped me for both and so I just need to believe a bit more in myself and not doubt what I know God has said to me.

One of my favourite movies is “Ever After”, which is a modern take on Cinderella. I absolutely love it and it has one of my favourite lines in it. When Cinderella is all dressed up, entering the ball and about to meet her Prince Charming, she is beside herself with nerves, and she says out loud to herself “Breathe, just breathe!”

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These are words I say to myself on a regular basis, “Breathe Kathy, just breathe!” It’s amazing what happens when you slow down, take a couple of deep breaths and take a few moments to get everything into perspective. The world seems to slow down just enough for me to catch my breath and get back on track.

It seems quite ironic that the very thing I am speaking about at a Women’s Conference in 2 weeks, is the very thing I am struggling with this week! Yip, God does have a sense of humour. I am sure half of the research I am doing is actually not for my talk but for me personally. So actually, maybe it’s good there is some urgency in my life, not panic, panic isn’t helpful. But urgency, I’m thinking this isn’t always a bad thing. It has definitely brought me closer to God over the last couple of weeks, and that my friends is definitely a good thing!


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