I have had it!

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To be honest, I have had it!

Emotionally and physically I am exhausted, tired, drained, fatigued, weary and oh so sleepy! But you know what, I have also never felt better!

It has been a big 2 weeks for me. Actually, it has been a busy few months, which has all accumulated in the last couple of weeks! My months and months of training have paid off and my half marathon is completed, and the biggest day on the Women’s calendar at Church is also over. As I said last week, running and public speaking is probably the 2 things I find the hardest and now I am on the other side of them.

Both were hard, both were emotionally and physically challenging and I am so glad they are over, but I have learnt so much about myself through both:

  • If I set my mind to something I CAN do it.
  • I am stronger than I think I am.
  • I cannot do anything in my own strength.
  • Self-doubt CAN be pushed aside.
  • It’s ok to be proud of my achievements.

When I sit down and think about it, I still can’t actually believe I ran 21.1k’s, and what’s even more amazing is that I enjoyed it!

At the start of the year, it felt like I had a plan till May. I couldn’t see anything past May and now that it’s here, I am left wondering what the rest of the year holds for me. Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of stuff to keep me busy and some exciting stuff coming up, but I now know the feeling of success and accomplishment that comes when you set yourself a massive goal that you actually never thought you could or would achieve. And I think it has got me hooked!

I don’t want to lead a boring, normal life and have no stories to tell, that would make for a very boring blog!  I’m sure my followers would drop off if all I wrote about is what I had for breakfast or my ever so exciting trips to the supermarket! Even if I wrote about cleaning and organizing my pantry (which I love to do, by the way) I think you would get pretty bored pretty quickly!

So what next? To be honest, I don’t know. But what I do know is that God doesn’t take you out of your comfort zone to put you right back into it! The last 2 weeks, I had to draw close to God to get me through, and that is a good thing! He loves spending time with me, as I do with Him, and I am determined to do it more…… Not just when I need His strength!

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