What lies on the other side of Wild Obedience…..

“Ok God…… Not a problem!”

Sure, I will jump on a plane and travel for 28 hours. Yes, I will fly over 7ooo miles to attend a conference with 250 women who I have never met before. Absolutely, I will chat with women who don’t know me, hoping they can understand my funny sounding kiwi accent. Of course, I will share a room with one of them for the entire weekend with no idea if we will get along or not. Yes, I will lose all my introverted tendencies and get over my insecurities. Yes, I will completely step out of my comfort zone. And why will I do all this? Because God, you asked me to!

Photo Credit: Forgotten Stories

Photo Credit: Forgotten Stories

This year’s theme at Declare completely summarized my journey – “Wild Obedience”

A year ago God asked me to step out in wild obedience and attend a blogging conference in Texas. It was kind of exciting at the time, but as it grew closer and closer, the nerves started to kick in and I was left wondering “What in the world am I doing?”

Why would I leave my comfort zone for the unknown?
Why would I leave my family for 10 days for something that seemed so self-indulgent?
Why would I risk so much, not knowing what was on the other side of my obedience.

Because God asked me to.

 For no other reason, than God asked me to! But one of the things I love about God is that, yes He is full of love, grace, and mercy, but He is also full of Blessings and surprises when we step out of our comfort zone and be obedient to His calling! So because I took that step, just that one tiny step (ok, it kinda felt huge at the time!) He completely overwhelmed me with what was on the other side of my obedience!

photo credit: forgotten stories

photo credit: forgotten stories

As I sit here 3 days after getting home, I am still struggling with the words to convey what is overflowing in my heart. As I sit here and process all the thoughts floating around my head and my heart, as I sit and read my notes, and as I scroll through Facebook and see the Newsfeed of all my new friends, I am overwhelmed with gratitude at what God orchestrated over those 3 days!

The conference was never about writing for me, although I did learn so much about blogging, and now realize I have so much more to actually learn! No, it was all about connections. God connections that know no geographical boundaries, that aren’t limited by what or who I think I am. They are not limited by the restrictions I place on myself, or the insecurity I felt as I walked through those doors for the first time. Nope, these are God connections that surpass anything I may think of myself or why I was there. The connections I made were pre-ordained.

I don’t believe in coincidences or random meetings. No, every connection I made was a God connection that is part of His plan and purpose for His Kingdom. I may not completely understand it all now, but I know without a doubt, that this was bigger than me learning to write more eloquently or increase my followers!

Photo Credit: Forgotten Stories

I don’t think my stomach has ever been so sore from laughing so much, or my eyes so red and puffy from crying so much. I don’t think I have ever been so challenged, so unsettled, so completely wrecked for God as I feel I am at the moment. And it is just the best feeling!

I am grateful beyond words for these 4 women who stepped out in Wild Obedience when God asked them to put on a conference for Christian Women who blog. Because of these 4 women, the path God has me on has been altered, and the journey I am walking, has now become a journey with like minded women who do what I do, and most importantly, get why I do what I do! I am part of an Army of Women that God is raising up. Each has their own voice with their own story to share, but we all share the same heart and we are all doing it for the same reason…….Glory for God.




22 thoughts on “What lies on the other side of Wild Obedience…..

  1. Every time I think it is impossible for you to grow in my esteem anymore you prove me wrong! Thank you so much for sharing the journey you are on! You are beyond inspirational and challenge / encourage me to whole heartedly pursue God for myself more than I will ever have the ability to communicate. Thank you so much for everything!

  2. Kathy- it was such a pleasure meeting! Thank you for your obedience to God, even when it wasn’t convenient. You are a gem. 🙂 I look forward to following along with your blog!

  3. Although we only shared a single meal at the conference, and not much conversation, I’m so glad you came! It was nice to meet you!

  4. xoxo

    i have no words for how much these words of yours mean to me or how much i love our new friendship!! Every time i think God couldn’t possible bless me more… He sends someone like you into my life.

    Thank you for walking in wild obedience with us. You are a treasure!

  5. I am SO glad you stepped out and traveled halfway around the world to come to Texas. Each one of us who got to connect with you has been impacted by your faith and fear-conquering wild obedience. You have such energy and passion for our Lord and I’m certain you are one of His secret agents who will bring revival to your nation. I’m blessed to know you sweet Kathy and I pray God allows our paths to cross again! Hugs and love from Atlanta!

    • Thank you Kate, I feel just so incredibly blessed in meeting you and hearing your heart for God. You have inspired me to keep living my God dare. I am certain our paths will cross again and that excites me beyond words!

  6. Kathy- you are such an inspiration to me. I will forever be impacted by your story of wild obiedence. Before I met you, I thought my driving from Kansas was a big trip. You have shown all of us what wild obiedence looks like in action!

  7. I love reading your words, dear friend! I miss hearing your lovely voice. My kids are practicing saying your name with me in a New Zealand accent, which we LOVE. I feel so blessed to have connected with you. You have a remarkable heart. So loving and giving and God-honoring. And for me, today was a low energy, high production, emotionally challenging day…yet as I read YOU, my heart is warmed. 🙂 All I have to say is…what is next??? Let’s Skype next week?

  8. Oh Kathy, I sit here reading this and I can hear your voice speaking the words! And I wish NZ was closer than a 28 hour flight! Thankful right now for the internet that bridges that distance so quickly! I agree with you that it was more about connections than about the whats and hows of blogging. though we did get great information and I learned quite a bit. But just the fellowship alone was worth it all!

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