Why Yes, My Husband is Actually The Greatest!

So, this week Phil and I celebrated our 18th Wedding Anniversary. I know right, who would have guessed we have been married that long! 18 years is a long time to spend with the same person. Waking up to him every morning and kissing him Goodnight every night for the past 18 years! That’s 6574 kisses Goodnight! Yep, 18 years sure is a long time!

There have been ups and downs on our journey, but over the most part we have been as happy as a kid at Christmas….well ok, I guess I am one of those too! But our marriage has always been one of give and take, and when one is down, the other is always there to pick them up!

I feel so incredibly blessed that I get to travel this crazy journey called life with my very best friend. That we get to go on this amazing adventure together and now bring our kids along with us.

So some of you may be asking yourself about now if this is going to turn mushy, and the answer to that is YES! Yes, it is!

You know, there are so many women out there tearing down their husbands (sorry girls, but yes, I am aiming this at you!) Sometimes it seems on Facebook there is a competition who can bag or put down their husband the most. They moan and they complain about life and the person they chose to do it with. They speak negatively and don’t have a kind word to say about them ever.

Then, on the other hand, you get the women who just won’t say anything at all, even if their husband is awesome, for fear of bragging. But you know what I say…...brag away!

me and phil 1Phil is an incredible husband, so why should I not brag about that? God has blessed me with an amazing man. One who provides for his family and always puts us first in all that he does. He is selfless, generous, a mighty man of God, an amazing Dad, a great husband, a fantastic cook, and if I was going to be totally honest, SO good looking!

There is enough negativity in the world being aimed at men, that I for one, don’t need to add to it! So instead I am going to uplift Phil as often as I can. I am his number 1 fan and so I am going to be his biggest cheerleader! Not just at home, but in public as well.

My good friend Rachael does something called Marriage Monday. Every Monday she either blogs about her marriage or posts an amazing post on facebook about her husband. I love this, she writes:

Marriage Monday is a way for us to honor our spouse and God by speaking life over our spouse rather than complaining about everything that is wrong.
You can read more about Marriage Mondays here

So gals, please don’t be afraid to praise your husband and uplift him in public. This is the man God has called you to spend the rest of your life with so let’s be our husbands number 1 fan, on and off the field!

Oh, and Happy Anniversary Honey, you really are everything I never knew I wanted or needed!