Back to Routine?

Well, we are home! It is always bittersweet for me landing home after being in the USA. For some reason, I feel such an affinity with the USA and could quite happily call it home! But, I know God has called us to live in New Zealand (in the meantime!) and so I will get myself settled back into life here, despite my heart fighting against me!

My mind is still going a million miles an hour, thinking about our latest Family Adventure. It is hard to comprehend all we did, all that we saw and all that God did for us, and through us. It was an adventure of epic proportions and I am so thankful that God has called us to live outside what most people would consider normal, and take those steps of faith that would see us doing such incredible things.

There are 100’s of stories that will no doubt come out on here over the next few months as I process it all, and once this jet lag has worn off, will get writing again!


But for now it’s back to routine! I love holidays and spontaneity, but I also LOVE routine and order, and so as we settle back into life this week, it is my mission to get us all back into some form of normality! The kids have had 5 weeks off school work, and I have had 5 weeks of no cooking, cleaning or even having to think about what we will have for meals, which is seriously one of my favourite things about being on Holiday! But now we are back, I suppose I really should think about what we will eat tonight, and tomorrow and even the day after!

So I guess as we settle back into a routine, there’s only one thing to do…...Countdown to Christmas! It’s only 10 weeks to go and I can’t wait! I may just have bought a whole lot of Christmas goodies while I was in the USA, so can’t wait to unpack them all. It’ll be like Christmas…...literally! The Christmas music has secretly (or not so secretly) started and I am furiously searching on Pinterest for Christmassy idea’s.

When one adventure ends, there is ALWAYS another one to look forward to!

65 days people, 65 days!