Dreaming Big!

IMG_3847This is our Strong Family Dream Board. I shared a picture of it on facebook a couple of weeks ago and I have numerous requests from people to share the idea behind it, so here it is…..

In 2011, Phil and I went to a dreaming with God workshop which was incredible! That’s when God told me that we would be taking the kids to Africa in 2013 (you can read about that here) It was a crazy dream at the time, but I knew without a doubt I had heard from God so had to do all I could to make it happen.

They told us at the workshop that if you write your dreams down, they are more likely to happen than if you don’t write them down at all. So being the visual person that I am, I figured what would work for me was a Dream Board. Now, this is something I wanted the whole family to get on board with so we all thought about things that we would want to go on our Dream Board.

This workshop was just before my birthday, so when Mum asked me what I would like for my birthday, I knew exactly…..a Dream Board! We found the hessian covered board at a gorgeous wee gift shop in town and I knew straight away this was it! The jute was already on there which was perfect for putting the photo’s on with. I already had the “Family” sign and I got a lady online to make the “Strong Family Dream Board” sign that sits above it.

Coming up with dreams was the easy and fun part. We talked to the kids about personal goals they would like to achieve and also some family goals that we could all work together for. Just a wee note here: Don’t limit your dreams! So often, we put God in a box or think we could never achieve some things, but with God all things are possible. So remove those self-imposed limits and dream BIG!

The Dream Board hangs in our kitchen and is a daily reminder of our God dreams. It is also a great talking point when we have friends or guests over.

The photo’s change over time as we reach a dream or goal and it is replaced with another. Some dreams are bigger than others and will take more time, but each dream on there is important.

I love having it as a daily reminder of how big our God is, and when we dream with Him, anything is possible. I hope we are teaching our kids to dream beyond what they can see and believe for greater things!

Remember: These goals are for you and your family. Some people may not agree with believing for a new car or whatever it is that is on your board. But that’s ok! This is your Dream Board and it’s between you and God. Not all our friends and family get what we do or why we do it, but we know God has called us to live this way, and we know He has called us to dream BIG! And so this week we take down 4 photo’s (of dreams reached) and as we add new ones, I am excited at partnering with God and seeing Him do more than we think is ever possible!