It’s December, So You Know What That Means…..

So I sat down today to write a blog about Christmas today, and thought I would double check what I wrote about last year so I don’t repeat myself. But you know, what I wrote last year still resonates with me, so thought I would share it again with you, in case you missed it, and even if you didn’t, it’s a great reminder!


I have to admit…… I am super-duper, pretty jolly well excited!

It’s only 22 more sleeps till Christmas and I am definitely getting more and more excited as the day draws near. Now you are probably wondering why a grown woman would get so excited about Christmas? It’s not like my kids are littlies anymore and wake me at 6 in the morning with a gleam in their eye begging me to get up so they can open their Santa Sacks (knowing they have already been downstairs and rummaged through them!) It’s not like I even have grandkids to spoil (they will come in due course, but not for a few years yet Jackson & Gracie!) So again you may be wondering why all the excitement, and my simple answer would be……… Why not?

Why not celebrate? You know, so often in our society now days, we just don’t celebrate…… Anything! Life has become mundane and people just don’t celebrate milestones or special occasions anymore. But it’s a choice people, and I choose to celebrate!

So often I hear the excuses “Oh, we can’t afford it” “Oh, we don’t want to spoil our kids” “Oh, we don’t want our kids growing up thinking they will have a party for their birthday every year” “Oh, we don’t celebrate Christmas because it has become too commercial”

Sure, I could almost agree with some of those excuses, but come on, when did we all turn into the Grinch?

Now, I’m not saying you have to go and spend hundreds and thousands on every special occasion, in fact, we celebrate most things on a tight budget, and for me that makes it even more challenging and fun! It’s not about the money, it’s about creating memories for our kids, its about creating traditions (I blogged about that here) that will long outlive me, and it’s about what’s in your heart!

So when it comes to Christmas, why wouldn’t I get excited and celebrate? It’s a great excuse to hang with family and friends, indulge in a little too much good food and bubbles, to play my never ending list of Christmas songs and to relax at the end of the year!

But most of all, why would I not get excited about celebrating the birth of the most incredible man ever born, the man who saved me from a life without love, the man who died so I could live! The man who gave His all so we could have this festive season. Why would we not celebrate this man?

I think that’s a pretty good reason to celebrate….. and so I do!