February! It’s February!

Seriously, how did that happen? One minute I am casually cruising through January, still in holiday mode and the next thing I know we are already one month into the year and February is upon us! Oh my goodness, February, that means business people! No more late movie nights, no more sleep ins and no more avoiding the year!

Kids are back to school, Phil is well and truly back into work routine, and me? Well, I am slowly getting my head into this year.

As I wrote a couple of weeks ago, this year is a year of change for Team Strong and I know that part of that change is for me personally and where God is taking me. I am excited at what lies ahead of me and I am waiting on God to reveal what He has in store. I know that the choices and decisions I make now will bear fruit in the future, and so I am being intentional how I spend my time. Just because I am waiting, it doesn’t mean I sit and do nothing! Nope, I need to be intentional with what I do, where I spend my time and who I spend it with. I need to be intentional about what I let become my focus and what I am feeding myself.

You know, it’s so easy for us to sit back and wait on God, and think that in the waiting we can do nothing! We can so easily use the excuse “But I am waiting on God” and waste our time on trivial, useless things that are ultimately no good for us. To be honest, I have done that in the past but this year is different. I am trying to do all I can in preparation for what God has for me…..even though I have no idea what it looks like at the moment!

And so I am doing what I do know God as asked me to do! Phil and I are always saying to each other “Do the last thing you know God has clearly said for you to do, until He tells you otherwise” So for me, that is Homeschooling the kids, writing this blog, and supporting Phil in all he does. There are other things thrown in there too, but these 3 are my non-negotiables! And until God says otherwise they will be my focus this year.

Now don’t get me wrong! There are so many “things” that I could be doing and throwing my energy into, and some of those things are great things, but I am learning to say “no” and to keep the main thing the main thing…..until God says otherwise!

So as I get my head around the fact that it is now February and there are only 324 more sleeps till Christmas, I will also get my head around the fact that I am in preparation for great things to come and when they do…..I will be ready!