I Am Who I Am

So now you know what I stand for? (If you missed that blog you can read it here) I intend to write more on my passions and the calling of God on my life!

I have been doing a blogging course over the last couple of months (kinda went on hold over Christmas, but back into the swing of things now!) and one of the modules last week was about finding your voice. Knowing who you are, what you stand for (how’s that for timing!) and the style which you convey this to your audience. It got me thinking again, why I write this blog and who I write it for!

For me, it comes back to the same old reason…..because God told me to! That was 2 years ago next month (I know right? I can’t believe it either!) and I have been faithfully writing ever since! Some weeks, it feels though I am writing it just for myself and other weeks, I have so much feedback, I am blown away by who is  reading my blog.

I have figured out, (actually I think I have known it all along!) what my style is and who I am when I am writing. I have said it before, but I am who I am! Whether you meet me at the supermarket, at church or are one of my close friends, what you see is what you get! I am the same person where ever I am. There isn’t one Kathy for Church, one Kathy for family and another Kathy for friends, nope one Kathy full stop! And so that transfers into my writing. There is nothing I write here, that I wouldn’t say to your face, to my Mum or to God! I am open, honest and a little bit (well, ok, my kids would say a lot) goofy! I don’t use fancy words, half the time my grammar is incorrect and no doubt there are spelling mistakes along the way. But that is me, imperfect, learning to love who God has made me to be and accepting, no, embracing the glorious mess that I am!

So, as I continue to be faithful and write this blog every week, I will endeavour to be me! I will continue to be real, I will always be honest, I will take a stand for what I believe in and hopefully have some fun along the way.

Thanks for traveling this crazy journey with me!