Team Strong is on the Move….

It is a new season.
And with new seasons come change. Now, I will be the first to admit I am not that great with change. I like things the way they are, I like my comfort zone, and I like to know what is just around the corner! In saying that, I like it when God is in control and ever so gently encourages me to move out of my comfort zone into what He has for me!

So, Team Strong is moving! That’s right, after 10 years of country living, we are moving into the burbs! Yup, we are returning to our roots and becoming city folk again (not that I think we were ever really country people!)

This was not an overnight decision people, nope, we don’t normally work that quickly! It is something Phil and I have prayed about since before Christmas. Some friends planted a seed that took root and so what started as a passing comment, turned into a realistic plan that’s now in mid process!

We are excited! The kids are excited! And we are ready for this next season God is leading us into.

There are some things that we will miss about our wee slice of paradise and there are things we wont miss so much!

I will definitely miss the swimming pool, I will miss sitting round the fire pit at night counting the stars in the sky and making smores with the kids. I will miss sitting for hours under our massive tree. I will miss chopping copious amounts of firewood and I will miss our chickens!

I wont miss the sheep getting out of the paddocks and swimming in our pool! I wont miss wee lambs that die before they have a chance to live and I seriously wont miss the creatures that come to visit in the middle of the night!

But despite all the things we will miss and the things we won’t, all 4 of us are excited at the thought of moving to a new place and creating more family memories.

So now we wait! The house is cleaner than a clean thing, the lawns are mowed, the pool is sparkling and even Gracie’s room is tidy! And so we wait for the new owners to come through, fall in love with this place as much as we have and make us an offer we can’t refuse! Ok God, lets do this…..