Wait, Rest and Patience……Really?

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“Kathy, just wait”
“What do you mean wait? I can’t wait! Don’t you know I am on a time limit? I don’t have time to wait!”

“Kathy, just rest”
“Rest? How am I meant to rest when I have so much to do? So many boxes to pack, so much cleaning to do, not to mention my normal life that doesn’t seem to stop. I don’t have time to rest!”

“Kathy, have patience”
Seriously? You want me to have patience? You know our timeline and you want me to have patience? That is like asking a person with OCD to not straighten those crooked lines in her duvet cover, I don’t even know if that is possible! I don’t have time for patience”

Yep, so this is pretty much a typical conversation I have been having with God in the last couple of weeks. He is constantly reminding me to wait, rest and have patience, and I am constantly reminding Him of everything that is going on (I know, I know, sometimes I forget He is God and already knows everything!)

We are moving out of our wee slice of paradise in less than 2 weeks and at this stage we have nowhere to go! We had an offer on a house, (actually, this was our 4th offer on a house) but it fell through. We were pretty gutted (again) at the time but realise, if that place wasn’t right for us, then God must have something even better! And that my friends is exciting!

The sheep are all sold, Jacksons beloved pool table walked out the door on Saturday, well actually 5 burly guys carried it out huffing, puffing and cussing, but none the less, it is gone! Gracie has literally no bedroom furniture (or bed) and all our wardrobes have been purged of clothes that no longer fit, no longer are in style or simply are no longer worn!

The house is full of labeled, colour coded boxes filled with all our worldly possessions and our artwork sits in boxes waiting for a new wall to be hung on! The change of address cards sit on my desk, begging to be filled in!

I even have new stuff for the house….a new door mat, some cute wee ornaments, the cutest cabinet, a new fridge and even a new treadmill, seeings I killed the last one!

Yep, we are ready to move! In all sense of the word, we are ready! Emotionally, we have been ready for months and now physically we are all set to go too!

Set to go! That’s all very well and good, but go where?

That is the million dollar question that we have been asking God for the last couple of months! We know that His timing is perfect and He has the right house for us, but gosh, some days it is just so hard! The uncertainty, the unknown, the disappointment of missing out on places, questioning if we have made the right decision to move, and the waiting, oh my goodness, the waiting!

I know God is teaching me valuable lessons through all of this, so I am keeping my eyes and my heart open, staying excited and hopeful, and most of all, obeying Gods words for me:




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