How Do You Worship?

Let’s be honest!
I am not a great theologian! I don’t know my Bible as well as I should and I am utterly terrible at scripture memorization!

I can’t rattle off passages of scripture and quote verse after verse in a conversation. I can’t tell you who wrote what book in the bible, or tell you the name of Abraham’s 8 sons. And I definitely couldn’t have a theological debate with you and hope to win!

Some days I struggle to pick up my bible and I “cheat” and listen to a podcast instead of reading His word. Some days I skim read and some days are out of duty rather than wanting a heart connection with God! And if we are going to be totally honest here people, there are some days where the only dialogue between me and God is one way…..and God doesn’t have a chance to get a word in!

BUT, most days I do read my bible. I do talk with God and I hear His voice. Most days I know who He has created me to be. I know without a doubt I am loved by Him. He knows what I don’t know and He is ok with that! He has created me this way, and again He is ok with who I am! So if He is ok with that…….shouldn’t I be?

You know, we can spend so much time worrying about who we are not, or who we think we should be, that we forget that God made us and He knows who we are….and who we are not!

Phil loves studying the bible. He will spend hour upon hour reading, researching and devouring Gods word. He will get up in the darkness of the morning and sit with God. It is a form of worship for him.
For such a long time, I would feel bad every time I would hear Phil get up early to spend time with God. I would feel as though I should be doing the same. Maybe I should be getting up early and reading as much as Phil does? But I am not a morning person, so would God really want to spend time with me at that time of the day? Does God really want me at my worst? Grumpy, tired and wishing I was back in bed? Is that my best for God?

But I have learnt that God doesn’t want me to worship Him like Phil does! No, He wants me to worship Him the way He has created me to worship Him:

*Singing at the top of my lungs to worship music as I drive in the car.
*Praising Him as I sit and daydream, staring out the window at His creation.
*Being obedient in writing this blog.
*Reading His word…..because I want to, not cause I have to (and not necessarily at 6am!)
*Serving at Church
*Watching podcasts, not as a replacement to reading the bible but again, just because I want to.
*Spending time with Him, chatting and listening!

There are so many ways we can worship Him and it will look differently for all of us. None are better than others, it is personal between you and God and as long as it comes from the heart……God loves it!

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6 thoughts on “How Do You Worship?

  1. Kathy, it is ALWAYS a pleasure reading your blog. You are such a blessing to know and I pray your day, your week, month, year and the rest of your days would be joy filled as you continue to pursue the Lord and all He has for you.

  2. I love this! You are so right friend. God *calls* us to worship Him as He has made us…and so He must love that worship, even if it looks different from someone else’s. I think He mostly wants us to mean it, to really mean it. He knows the thoughts of our hearts. Sometimes for me worship is being quiet when I want to say something to someone else, but shouldn’t…obedience is worship!!!! I can’t wait to spend time with you dearie! Sorry we haven’t been able to connect…even now we are miles from home in a vacation home and it is good to read this and hear it in your voice in my head. Thank you for coming all the way to the U.S. to meet me and so many other friends! We are so blessed at how the Lord has intervened in life so we can know one another 🙂 Hugs!!!!!!!

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