Life Lessons From A Puppy!

If you have followed me at all on facebook or Instagram in the last 2 weeks, you will have seen that we are now the proud new parents of a puppy!
That’s right……a puppy! I know right? Crazy! Who in their right mind would get a puppy?

But we were walking past the pet shop on a wet Saturday afternoon and there she was! How could we resist? A wee black ball of fluff with the cutest brown eyes you have ever seen. I mean, we couldn’t walk away and leave her, that would be just cruel. And so we bundled her up, bought half the shop and headed home with our baby!

Ok, so this wasn’t completely out of the blue. For the past 4 years, the kids have been wanting a dog and we have ummed & ahhed and talked about it for years. It’s one of these things that if you don’t bite the bullet sooner or later, you will still be talking about it in another 4 years!

And so we arrived home with our baby! We were eager, keen, and in love! How hard could this be right?

Well, to be honest, it has been really hard work! I feel confined to the house, I am constantly running her out to the garden and cleaning up when she don’t quite make it. Gone are my sleep in’s and gone are my care free days, lying on the couch or having time to myself. I am restricted around the house and I am restricted to when I can go out and when I have to be home. It’s like I have turned into a grown up overnight with responsibilities and can no longer just think about myself.

I seem to recall another time in my life when this was the case, but I swore that when my babies grew up I wouldn’t do it again….oh what a sense of humour God has!

In saying all of that, this wee puppy has taught me so many life lessons in the last 2 weeks.

She has taught me about unconditional love, about loyalty and about being responsible. She has taught me to have fun and not take life so seriously! She has taught me to see the wonder in the world and most of all she has taught me about belonging and being part of a family.

I can’t believe that something so tiny has taught me so much about what I am missing in life. I haven’t had so many lessons since my kids were babies!

And so I have narrowed it down to my top 3 life lessons Pepper has taught me, which I will share with you next week…