My Top 3 Puppy Life Lessons…

Last week I promised you my top 3 lessons Pepper has taught me over the last couple of weeks, so here we go…..

My Top 3 Puppy Life Lessons:

1. Slow Down!
You know we are always so busy. Even when we are not busy, we are busy! Having Pepper has made me slow down. I sit and stare at the night sky while she is outside at the end of the day and I contemplate life. I enjoy the sunshine while she scampers around the backyard, instead of being inside on my computer. I sit and stare at her sleeping when I should be doing housework and I sit and snuggle when there are a million other things I should be doing! And you know what? The world has not stopped because I have slowed down. The world is still spinning as it should. There is still a big pile of dirty washing, but that’s ok….there always will be! There is more to life than being busy all the time.

2. Work Hard, Play Hard!
When she is awake she is an energetic ball of fluff! She runs a million miles an hour and crashes into walls as she skids around corners. She chases leaves like there are no more on the tree’s and she growls at the soccer ball like she is the biggest fiercest thing you have ever seen.She is shredding her chew toys to bits and I don’t think there are any flowers left on any of the plants! But when she crashes, oh my goodness, she crashes! She lies sprawled out on whoever is closest and she is out for the count!

I am learning it’s ok to work hard, but we need to learn to rest hard as well. Pepper knows she can’t keep up that sort of energy for hours so she rests when she needs to. I think as humans we forget to rest. We forget to play. We work hard, and then we work harder and then harder still! Take time out to rest and refresh yourself. It will give you more energy in the long run, and let’s be honest, I have never seen a puppy with burn out!

3. Look at the Wonder of the World.
Everything to our wee puppy is exciting! From the minute she sees’s me in the morning till the minute she goes to sleep at night, everything is new and shiny and just begging to be explored!  From the leaves on the ground to the birds in the tree’s, to the piece of paper on the ground. She looks at everything as though it is the greatest thing she has ever seen!

When is the last time you stopped and just stared at something with wonder? There is so much in life that we take for granted and so much we miss because we fail to see the wonder in the world. Try taking a look at the mundane in your life, through different eye’s and see what you notice! Take the time to see the extraordinary in the ordinary, and take time to notice the Blessings around you!

So as you head out into your week, remember what a Blessing life is, what a privilege it is to live where we do and take time to smell the roses and appreciate all that you have!IMG_5735 IMG_5736 IMG_5737 IMG_5746


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