Endure or Enjoy?

I had lunch with a good friend of mine the other day, and man, I love catching up with her! To be honest, we haven’t been friends for long, but you know, sometimes you just click with someone straight away. It’s like we have been friends forever. It’s fun, it’s challenging, the conversation just flows and it brightens my day whenever we catch up!

Anyway, we were talking about kids! I know right?  We have a couple of hours away from them, and yet we sit there and talk about them! We were talking about the ups and the downs of raising kids and I said to her “You know sometimes I think we endure motherhood instead of enjoying it” and she immediately said “You are so right, I think there’s a blog in that”

And so here I am, about to write about motherhood, to give you all my wisdom about enjoying over enduring, and ironically I have had a super trying day with the kids!

You know those days, where you get on the phone and they start fighting, when they are chasing each other around the house, and when they are yelling at each other about the most trivial things. When they haven’t done their chores and the house looks like a bomb has hit it. And remembering that these are not 3-year-olds, no my friends, these are teenagers! To add to the chaos, Phil is away, the puppy decides she is in a chewing mood and is chewing any and everything she can get her wee paws on and has decided that the carpet makes a way better toilet than the grass outside!

Breathe Kathy, just breathe!

Ok, so not all days are like that, and on those days I think it’s ok to just survive without maiming anyone, but how is your attitude on the good days?
I sometimes find myself on automatic pilot and doing things out of duty rather than because I would like to. I find myself missing out on the Blessing of being a Mum because I am too busy to notice the beauty all around me. I find myself enduring instead of enjoying.

So I am making a conscious effort this week to enjoy! To be honest it’s a super busy week and it would be so much easier to just endure it than to find enjoyment in it! To tell myself I will enjoy next week when it’s not so busy. But I am determined to find enjoyment this week. I am determined to enjoy this week with the kids and to look for the Blessings God has laid before me. To embrace motherhood and all its craziness. To appreciate the kids, because really they are fantastic kids who I am so proud of. To be intentional about parenting. And to have fun. I am going to have fun this week people!

How about you?

a breathe