God’s Perfect Timing!

What an incredibly emotional couple of weeks we have had. Actually, it has been a roller coaster couple of months! Ok, if I was going to be completely honest, it has been that way since the start of the year!!!

We knew at the start of the year God was taking us into a new season. We had no idea what it looked like, but we knew we had to sell our lifestyle property. At the time, this didn’t make sense! We loved our home and loved the lifestyle it provided us. God had given us numerous promises over that house and we were a little confused as to why we were to sell it. But we knew it was a God thing so we were obedient. You can read more of that journey here, here and here (yes, it has been quite a journey!)

So we were obedient, and subsequently, felt like we were walking in the desert. We knew God was with us, but we felt like we had no direction and nothing was making sense. But we hung in there, knowing sooner or later God would make the path clear to us. In the waiting, God was teaching us valuable lessons that we couldn’t see at the time and I’m sure there are more things we have learnt that He will reveal in time.

We had decided before Christmas that we were going to put our house on the market and had assumed that we would be all moved and settled by March. Funny, how we think we can take things into our own hands, and place our timing on it! But it wasn’t until the end of May that our house sold and we moved, but even then it wasn’t into our own place. Every house we tried to buy in Hamilton, God would shut the door, loudly and clearly and again we were left crying out to God “This isn’t making sense!”

But in His infinite wisdom, He had a plan for us all along. I think if He had revealed His plan to us months ago when we felt we were in the desert, we wouldn’t have believed Him and I think I would have fought Him on it!

So 9 months into this journey and we have just bought a house…..YAY!
It is nothing like we imagined it would be and it’s beyond what we were dreaming for. The process was straight forward and almost felt too easy, but when God is in it, that’s how it works! We shift in 5 weeks and I am so excited I have started packing already! I am excited to be in our own home, be settled and have a pantry I can label and organize, and all this just in time to put the Christmas tree up!

God is good. In every season. In everything we walk through, He is faithful, He has a plan and He will never leave us or forsake us. He is God and He is in control…..despite what the circumstances of the world would tell us. When we can’t see the path, we walk by faith. He has gone before us. He knows our hearts, He knows our deepest desires, and He knows the direction we are headed. He is God. And I am so thankful He loves me beyond measure, knows me better than I even know myself and knows what I need and when I need it!

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3 thoughts on “God’s Perfect Timing!

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  2. YAY!! I’m so glad that things are going forward for you!!
    I’m still in the midst of waiting… but true true true… God has a plan and a timetable… and a purpose. I’ll wait in that (as patiently as I can) for Him to place our next step on His path.
    Praying for all the next 5 weeks holds for you!! To God be the glory!!
    God is good… no matter what!!


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