When Tired Doesn’t Even Begin To Describe It…..

You know that moment when you have had enough?
When you’re just so jolly tired your brain turns to mush?
When nothing makes sense and you cry at the drop of a hat?
When even the simplest of decisions seems way too hard?

Yep, well thats me this week!
We have had an enormous couple of weeks and this week is the culmination of it all!

We have finally moved into our new home and we are absolutely loving it! It has been a long time coming…..it was this time last year we first decided to sell our wee slice of paradise in the country, in preparation for what God had next for us, at the time, not having a clue what that was!

So we are here, we are in and we are surrounded by boxes! Boxes, boxes and more boxes!
Oh my goodness, how can 4 people collect SO much stuff?
With some of the boxes that have been in storage for 5 months, I am very tempted to not even open them and just get rid of then. If we haven’t needed them in the last 5 month, surely we won’t ever need them….right?

But either way, we are in and I am exhausted!
After packing, cleaning and moving for the second time in 5 months, I am determined that we are going to be here for a very (very) long time!

I am beyond grateful for friends who have rallied around us. Helped us clean, helped us unpack boxes and cook meals for us. Helping make decisions when I was so tired I couldn’t make them for myself, and encouraging us every step of the way! I am a pretty independent person but got to the point where I just knew I needed help.

It is a very humbling to say “Yes please, I would love some help” instead of my normal “No, I’m fine thank you”

And now this week the exhaustion has hit! Falling asleep in front of the tv, crawling into bed, asleep before my head has even hit the pillow, and that 3pm slump that even a coke zero won’t fix!

But you know what?
It is all worth it.
We know this is Gods plan for us, and we know without a doubt that this is where He wants us.

And so I push on. I keep unpacking boxes, and I keep going when all I really want to do is lie on the couch and watch Christmas movies with an ice cold coke zero! Maybe that could be on my to do list for next week….

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