It is my new favourite word.

One of my most favourite quotes is by Shakespeare and reads:

a little

I love it! For my entire life, I have been short! Now I know that is no surprise to those of you who know me or who have met me, but I have been teased about it as far back as I can remember!

Now it doesn’t worry me these days, I have made peace with my height limitations and to be honest, the fact that I can fit kids size jeans is a bonus! But this quote… is one I have loved for a long time. I have it on a necklace, a t-shirt and I have just ordered a print for my wall! Since the first time I read it, I fell in love with it. Just because I am little, doesn’t mean I am not fierce!

This morning on my way into Church I heard a song on the radio for the first time and within seconds it was on full volume! (thankfully I was alone in the car) It was by Jesus Culture and is called “Fierce”

There is that word again! As I listened to the lyrics and have played it non-stop ever since I am again captivated by that word.

I looked up the dictionary definition and it sounds angry and not something we should particularly want for ourselves to be, but as I put it in context and listen to this song, I know it is something I am meant to me.

adjective, fiercer, fiercest.

1. Menacingly wild, savage, or hostile:

fierce animals; a fierce look.

2. Violent in force, intensity, etc.:

fierce winds.

3. Furiously eager or intense:

fierce competition.

4. Informal. extremely bad or severe:

a fierce cold.

Not fierce, as in angry with my kids, acting fiercely towards Phil, or in fierce competition with anyone else.

But more:

Fiercely in love with my Saviour
Fiercely pursuing all He has for me.
Fiercely holding on tight to what I know I am called for.
Fiercely believing His truth for my life.
Fiercely clinging to His promises.

And when I listen to this song I know it works both ways! As fierce as my love is for Him, so is His for me. Wow! With God backing me that fiercely, how can I not win at life?

So this week I am being fierce! Not a scary ‘keep away from Kathy’ fierce, but a passionately pursuing God kind of fierce!

How about you?

a be




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