Yes, My Life Is Blessed!

I live a Blessed life!
I actually love my life so much! I am so ridiculously Blessed and I am not ashamed to admit it.

You know, so often we look on Social Media and it is full of complaints. People are moaning about their husbands, their kids, their life! There is so much negativity out there, that we could be left feeling guilty for living such an amazing life!

But I make no apologies for my life. Sure I have bad days. There are days I wish I had never gotten out of bed. There are the days where I am less than grateful for what I have, and days I forget to thank God for my Blessings. Now, if you are family or a close friend of mine, believe me, you will know about these days! But personally, I don’t think the whole world needs to know about my problems, I will save those for a select few!

I have been criticised for living such a Blessed Life:

“Your life can’t be that perfect?”
“How can you be happy all the time?”
“You are so lucky, but it won’t last”
“Why do you brag so much when people are struggling?”

In the immortal words of Taylor Swift, I say “Haters are gonna hate” and there is nothing I can do about that. People are free to unfriend me on FB or stop following me on Instagram at any time if you don’t want to see how awesome my life is!!

I am not trying to be proud or arrogant. I am not trying to make people feel bad about their life, and I am definitely not trying to paint an unrealistic picture of my life. But why in the world would I not boast about how Blessed I am? Why would I keep it a secret that God is an awesome God? And why would I hide the fact that God is working in my life?

My life hasn’t always been easy (actually, I wouldn’t exactly say it is easy at the moment!). There have been some jolly hard seasons that I would not wish upon anyone. But with prayer and perseverance, I am in a much better place now and I am embracing this new season we are in!


To be honest, I take everything from life that I can. I don’t sit on the couch waiting for life to happen to me. No siree, I go out there and I milk it for all I can!

Next week on the blog I will share a couple of examples of how I go out and grab life! But for now, I want to leave you with a challenge:

Watch what you put on social media. Is it negative? Is it something that everyone needs to know about you? Instead of putting up all your problems, why not boast about how awesome our God is. Let the world know how Blessed you are. Go on, I dare you to start being super positive!

And secondly, go and grab life! Get off the couch, turn the TV off and stop waiting for life to happen to you! Go out and make a life that will boast how awesome God is. Live a life that people will want to follow. Live a life that you love!


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  2. LOVE this post Kathy! People have said the same things to me…..and at times it has got nasty. But hey who cares! Let’s celebrate all the goodness of God! Xx

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