When Your Crazy Dreams Becomes Reality!

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I had this idea once.
I had this idea that I could make a difference in the lives of young girls.
I had this idea of running a weekend where girls could come, hang out, have loads of fun and learn God’s truth about themselves.
I had this idea that God would use me in a mighty way.

Crazy right?
Well, God has a way of turning my crazy into a reality, and in 3 weeks time, I have over 30 girls attending the very first “Daughters of the King” Weekend. To say I am excited is an absolute understatement! Even as I read what I just typed, I can feel the goosebumps on my arms and can feel the excitement welling up inside of me.

Sometimes God gives you an idea and you say “oh, that would be nice one day” and you place it on the shelf for a later time. A time when you are not busy. A time when you are ready. A time when all your ducks are lined up and a time when you are up for the challenge!

But I have learnt that I will never be ready, and that actually the best time is now! There is no better time to jump out of the boat and allow Jesus to walk on the water with me. If I keep waiting for the right moment, it will pass me by and I will be left with my crazy dreams still swirling around my head and there will still be broken girls out there looking for love, acceptance and validation.

My friends the time has come and the time is now!

I am nervous, I am scared and I am super excited! I have an amazing team around me that are supporting through this whole journey. I have people believing in what I do and I have people that pick me up when I start to feel overwhelmed. I know this must be a God thing, I had my first team meeting last night and blubbered my way through it – so professional right? But it seems whenever anyone asks me about Daughters of the King, I can feel the passion rising and the tears just start to run down my cheeks.

This. This is my thing. This is where my passion lies. I was born for such a time as this. And as I navigate this path in faith, I think of the girls that will be impacted by God Himself because I took a step of obedience. Because I took a crazy dream and ran with it. Because I took a step out of my comfort zone and said “Here, I am God, use me for your Glory.”

So here we go. Three weeks and counting. If you could, please pray for me and my team. That we would know God’s peace as we prepare to input into these girls and that every girl who comes, would know that they are truly loved and adored by her Heavenly Father. That she is loved and accepted for who she is, and she would walk away, head held high, knowing she is a Daughter of the Most High King.

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  1. I can’t wait!! You will be amazing! God is using you to reach so many people…young and old. Yes you were born for this!! So looking forward to seeing you in action!

  2. I will certainly be praying!!! God will go before you and the team, will be with you in each moment and oh the impact for those thirty will be so beautiful!!!

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