Getting into my Bible….

I have started Scripture Journaling and I love it!

I have had quite a few people message me about it, so thought I would explain my journey here on the blog, but first I need to give you some background on how I got there…..

A couple of weeks ago our internet went down for 2 days. 2 whole days people! I know 1st world problems right?
And so because the internet was down I spent my time doing other things….I spring cleaned my wardrobe, organized my pantry, sorted out all my craft supplies and vacuumed the garage (I know, I am totally living the dream!)

But the best thing I did was start a new book. My friend Denise Hughes invited me to be on her launch team for her new book which is being released next week called “Deeper Waters.”
I started reading it because I wanted to support Denise, but I had no idea the impact this book would have on me!!
I couldn’t put it down and finished it in two days! It is not something I would say lightly, but this book has changed my life as I know it!

In it, she talks about getting into God’s word. If I was going to be totally honest, it is something I have always struggled with! Now I know all the reasons why I should, and I do read it, but it was only if I was doing sermon prep, was in desperate need of God or so I could “tick the box” for the day.  Now, I am not a bad Christian, I constantly have worship music playing, I read Christian books, I listen to podcasts, I pray and I spend time with God, but I just struggled with getting (deep) into His word.

Denise suggested starting with a chronological reading of the Bible, which I am doing. I am only up to Leviticus (did you know that Job comes after Genesis if you are reading it chronologically? I never knew that!) and I am honestly loving it. I am listening to it on my Bible app (I love the man’s deep voice as he speaks out Gods truth!) and at the same time I read along in my bible. I find that listening and reading at the same time really works for me! It stops me from getting distracted and my mind from wandering.

I love how God doesn’t do coincidences but everything is in his perfect timing. You see, I have never been a morning person and I struggle with functioning in the morning, let alone getting up and reading my bible. But a couple of weeks ago I started drinking New York Breakfast tea (that is a whole nother story I will share another day!) and so now I LOVE mornings! Miracles can happen my friends!

I set my alarm to get up early (well, early for me anyway!) I make myself a cup of tea and sit down with my bible! This is something I always wished I did, but now I am actually doing it and loving it! It is not a chore, it is not a tick on a to do list, and it is not done because I should. I am doing it because I want to!

I am purposefully staying off the internet more these days and instead of having FOMO (fear of missing out) on whats happening on facebook, I have FOMO about what I am missing in Gods word! I can’t wait to see what happens in the next chapter….it’s way better than any suspense novel I have ever read!

I have not given Facebook up completely. It’s how I stay connected with so many friends oversea’s and I love seeing whats happening in the lives of my friends, but my time is no longer consumed with scrolling through every spare minute I have, in case I have missed something!

And so you may be wondering where the scripture journaling part comes in? Well, stay tuned and I will share that with you next time……



4 thoughts on “Getting into my Bible….

  1. This is the first time I have ever sent you a comment lol … but I love the way you write, and can tell it comes straight from the heart . Really enjoyed this – and I will go and buy this book next time I venture into Lower Hutt to my nearest Manna bookshop 🙂 I too have recently stopped reading my bible first thing in the morning – think it’s because of the winter weather, as I so enjoy sitting out on my verandah, listening to the waterfall on my pond out front, and enjoyed God’s word in the warmth of the morning sun, and also I was ‘ticking boxes’ following a reading plan. I don’t enjoy the Old testament as much as the New – and had a reluctance when the week’s reading was Old … so just been doing the daily reading on my Bible app (didn’t know you could listen to it !! )

    Well I have to get on with my day – dentist appointment this afternoon – just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blogs 🙂 By the way – this is Owen’s Mum from Upper Hutt – so proud of my youngest son with his strong faith and work he does at Activate Church in Hamilton. Sad that he moved so far away, but his life has been blessed for sure since he moved, married Linda and is a part of her awesome family. Have a good day – God Bless – Gill xox

    • Aww, thank you so much for your message Gillian, I am so glad you enjoy my blogs!
      I am from Upper Hutt too and shifted to Hamilton 20 years ago! My parents are still in Upper Hutt, and I still call it home, although we don’t get that many chances to visit these days! xxx

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