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Hi There!

My name is Kathy Strong. My husband Phil and I have the 2 most fantastic kids in the world and we live in Te Awamutu, New Zealand. Recently, we have become Senior Pastors at a local Church and so our lives have taken an unexpected turn as we follow the path God has for us! On a personal level, I love Jesus, Christmas, organizing and french fries….. And yes, probably in that order!

Why a Fish out of Water?

I am incredibly passionate about helping women becoming all God has called them to be, and want to encourage you to not “settle” in life but to go out and grab all life has in store for you!

So often I feel God getting me out of my comfort zone and I feel like “A fish out of water” hence the name of my blog.


Random bits of Info…

In my free time (yes, all us Mums have tonnes of free time!) I love organizing everything I can get my hands on, and then labelling it all. I love spending time on Pinterest and finding all the Christmas idea’s I can gather to add to my ever growing collection. I love to write about Family, Faith, and Life and absolutely love hanging out with friends who challenge me to become a better me.

I have recently started running which has been quite a journey for me. You can laugh along with me and follow my running journey here.

What I don’t want you to know…..

Most Blog writers only write about the good stuff, but I am trying to keep it real on here, so if you would like to know 25 things I don’t really want you to know about me, click here for the truth about me!


Meet The Family:

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This is my amazing husband, Phil. He is a successful Author, Business owner, Entrepreneur, Pastor, the most awesome Dad, and my best friend.

We have been married 20 years, he is my biggest fan and backs me 100% no matter how crazy my schemes may look to him!

I couldn’t imagine doing life without him being by my side every step of the way.




high res-3206


This is Jackson, or as he’s known in the family “Jackie Chan”

Jackson is 18 and one of the coolest teenagers you have ever met.

He has just bought his second car and is in the process of saving up for his first house, which is a little frightening for this Mum who loves having her kids at home!

He lives for soccer and plays the guitar like a pro. And to his old Mum’s delight, is in the Band at Church!




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This is Gracie or more commonly known as “Poppet”

She is 16 and definitely the social butterfly of the family.

She is an incredibly talented artist and has the biggest heart you have ever seen. She loves serving in Children’s Church, hanging with her friends and taking selfies! She has just got her drivers license and got her first car so is quickly becoming an independent young woman!




So there you have us in a nutshell. We are a family where what you see is what you get! We love God above anything else and it’s our prayer that our lives reflect that in everything we do.

God Blessed us with a trip to Uganda to meet our sponsored children. I think I cried every day I was there (in a good way) and have come back home more thankful for everything I have.

We also took a trip to Mexico to build houses for some locals

Thanks for stopping by, have fun reading through my blogs, and I hope I have encouraged you, inspired you or challenged you in some way. Remember to sign up to my e-mails so you don’t miss any! xxx

We all know what day it is....





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  1. Kathy, It’s so fun to *meet* you here after connected a little bit on Facebook. I was over at the Declare attendee linkup page and recognized your sweet name so decided to click over. You (and your family) are totally adorable and I love your heart to encourage women to step out and grab the full (albeit perhaps uncomfortable) life God has for them. I’m with you! <3 I hope we have the chance to meet in person next month (yahoo!) at Declare.
    With joy, Becky Keife

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