A Fish out of Water?

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A Fish out of Water!
I can see it now. You are thinking to yourself “Why would anybody name their blog “A Fish out of Water” and I guess my first response would be, why not?

I love random! Ok, I suffer from OCD and like things to be in order, but I also like to think outside of the box. So when Phil and I were talking about my blog and he came up with this random phrase, I knew that’s what I should call my musings. Within hours it was set in concrete, we had booked the domain name, and here it is…..A Fish out of Water!

On further reflection, I think it suits me quite well. So often, we can feel like “a fish out of water” when thrown into new situations or when our circumstances change. We may move job, Church, home, town or even country and everything we have known in the past, all our security is thrown out the window.

I think this is the way God has called me to live my life, as a Fish out of Water! I don’t see this as a negative, in fact, I see it as quite the opposite. Phil and I have always said we don’t want to live boring, mediocre lives, and I can tell you our lives are anything but! Our lives are filled with plenty of ups and downs (as you will no doubt see by my musings) but again I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Just as I seem to get comfortable with where I am, God seems to have a knack of unsettling me and pushing me to be more than I was last week, to be more of the woman he knows I can be! Sometimes that hurts and other times it feels great, but no matter how I am feeling about being a Fish out of Water, I know I am where God wants me to be!


6 thoughts on “A Fish out of Water?

  1. So cool! You go Girl! Looking forward to reading your blog.
    I loved having you home from your time in the States but missed having my weekly(ish) updates on the “Strong Family Adventure” Great to see you embarking on a new venture/ adventure

  2. Well Kathy, it’s about time!!! I’ve been waiting for your wit and edgy writing style to be made public and now… the world will get a chance to read what a remarkable woman you are. Well done!!!

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