Seriously, Did you just slap me?



Each fortnight I get together with a group of Gals.

We all read the same book and then get together and talk about it. Now, technically you would call this a “Book Club” but I call it my “Don’t give me that surface rubbish, tell me what’s really going on, give me a slap when I need it, don’t put up with my whinging and whining, tell me how it really is, tell me the truth, even if it hurts, don’t tell me your problems unless you are going to do something about it” Club!

Now I understand that not everybody would like to belong to that sort of club (and yes, we did all agree to this) and that’s so fine, but for me it is what I need.

I hope I don’t offend anyone out there, but I have been in groups in the past where we all sat round and patted each other on the back. Listened as women complained about their lives, their kids, their husbands and the cat. Where all the complaining was met with “Ohhh, you poor thing, how awful” Where conversation was at a safe comfortable “No, really everything is fine” level and where you came away saying to yourself “That was nice” but really what was the point?

It comes down to that whole vulnerability thing. For me, this is a safe place where I can be honest with where I am what I am struggling with, and know that I have friends that will go the distance with me.

We have all given permission to be slapped when we need it! Now , of course, ts a slap that comes with Love. But just because it comes with love, doesn’t mean it won’t sting a little. There is no pandering to, or phrases like “ohhh, you poor thing” but instead we challenge each other. Challenge each other to be all we are called to be, to step out of our comfort zones, to challenge each other to be the best we can, to not stand still and think “this is it” There is more of life out there for us to grab and we will not settle with what we have now!

Every single time, I come away with a renewed belief in myself. By having these gal’s speak into my life, challenge me, encourage me and pray with me, I know I am better off for it. But not just me, my family is also benefiting from the wisdom of these women.

I am truly blessed to have these women in my life. With them (and an incredibly supportive husband) behind me, I know I will make a difference in this world!

And you know what….. sometimes we even get to the book!

One thought on “Seriously, Did you just slap me?

  1. Love that you’re so real about life and with growing in God. More ‘Christians’ need to get real with themselves and whether they really want to become more like Christ. The world is watching us and wondering why we think they would want what we have. How can we impact lives for the better when our own lives aren’t improving?
    Great stuff, Kathy!

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