Ok, Its your turn!

I wrote last week about investing in the people closest to us, instead of leaving them with the dregs at the end of the day. Investing time wisely in those relationships that really matter.

So what about you?
When is the last time you did something kind for yourself?
When did you last invest in you?

I know as a Wife and Mum, I tend to put myself last but I have learnt “That if Mamma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!”

But how do we do that? Aren’t our lives busy enough without having to find some extra time for ourselves as well?

I have learned to take time out for myself during the day. When Jackson’s at soccer practice, I can sit in the car day dreaming or I can read one of the many (many!) books on my list. Driving between guitar and art classes gives me 20 minutes to put on a podcast and listen to some of my favourite speakers. While waiting at Art classes I can read my Bible, and, to be honest, having some chocolate on hand doesn’t hurt too!

invest yourself

I have learnt that if I wait till “I have more time” I will waste the opportunities I do have. Sure it’s a luxury to sit on the couch by yourself and have an hour to read a book and have a cuppa (or a coke in my case) with no interruptions, but lets be honest, how often does that happen in a typical day? Grabbing those snippets throughout the day and using that time wisely (come on women, you all know how great we are at multi-tasking!) can fill my tank just enough so that I can then give out to others.

Take the time to invest in yourself…….. Because, as the saying goes “You’re worth it!”