We Are In!

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Well, we are in!

It was a mission and a half, but we have moved!

100’s of boxes, numerous trailer loads of furniture, with good friends helping, we are all shifted out of Gordonton.

It was a hugely emotional day for me. Phil and I were the last ones to leave, and as we stood there looking at our home of the last 10 years, I couldn’t stop the tears streaming down my face. So many memories and good times were had and it was hard walking away from that, not entirely sure what God has in store for us next. The relaxed country lifestyle, the paddocks and huge amount of space, the tree’s, the pool, the quiet, and the smell of the country air, all things which we loved dearly.

Saying goodbye is never easy!

We know God has something amazing in store for us but we feel a little bit in limbo at the moment!

Without knowing how long we are going to be here, it is hard to know how much to unpack! We don’t want to feel like we are camping, but we also don’t want to unpack every single box in case we are moving again in 5 weeks!

This house is so much smaller than what we are use to so fitting all our stuff has been a mission and a challenge, but it has also been a good excuse to have a huge clean out. There are still 8 Kitchen boxes sitting, waiting to be unpacked and absolutely no room to put them!

BUT, it is nice being in town! The house is super warm and cosy and I have to admit I do love having heat at the touch of a button! Being able to go for a walk on a footpath without farm dogs chasing you down the road is a bonus, as is the kids popping over to friends houses! Admittedly, it is taking a little bit of getting use to, pulling the blinds at night and when we are getting changed, but in saying that, it is nice to actually have blinds!

Yep, we know this is the right move for us. But just because it is right, doesn’t always mean it will be easy.

One step at a time friends, one step at a time…

a step



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  1. Love that you are at peace even in all the chaos. I feel your pain! Have lived, walking around unpacked boxes for months…but that helps you remember that you are quite home yet and keeps hope alive for the final destination. 🙂 Let me know when you are up and running. We can Skype one of these days. I *think* I have finally caught up. 🙂

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