Making Those Hard Decisions….

Sometimes the easy road is just that……easy!

It would be easy to stay where I am and not change.
It would be easy to not grow in my faith.
It would be easy to sit back and let life happen all around me.
It would be easy to not want more for my life.

And honestly, sometimes I want easy! Sometimes I don’t want to make those tough calls. Sometimes I want to sit on the couch, eating fries and let the world pass me by. Sometimes I just want easy!

But God has not called me to live an easy life. Sure, I have a Blessed life, but that doesn’t always mean it is easy. Nothing great ever comes from your comfort zone!

It’s like when I run.
I hate hills! If I had my way, I would just run on the flat. It’s easy and doesn’t require any extra effort from me. But my coach encourages me to hit those hills! And so out of obedience I do. But honestly, I hate them! I huff and puff my way up, thinking all the way “Cause, why am I doing this? Running on the flat is so much more comfortable.” But I do it and you know what? It becomes easier. Each time I do it, it gets that little bit easier and I am fitter and stronger because of those hills! Sure, I could spend my life avoiding them but really, it is to my benefit in the long run. And so each time I run, I make that decision to not take the easy road!

It’s like that with decisions we make in life. Sure, we could spend our whole lives taking the easy option, always looking for short cuts, the quickest way to something or actually worse than that, not making decisions at all but just letting life just happen to us.

Quite often those hard decisions mean change and if you are anything like me, you are not that comfortable with it! And so we stick to the safe, the easy, the comfortable, and we can miss out on so much of what God has for us. If we would only make those hard decisions every now and then and choose what is not comfortable.

I know from past experience that often those hard decisions bring the greatest reward.
And so as Phil and I make some decisions this week (will explain more in a later blog!) we are not looking at taking the easy option, we are not looking at making those decisions from our comfort zone, but we are stepping out in faith, stepping out knowing that great reward is waiting on the other side of our hard decisions and obedience to God.

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