My Girl……

I remember when I was 15.

I was a screwed up mess of a kid who struggled with who I was and doubted whether I had any worth on this planet. I was insecure, afraid of the world and all I wanted to do was party with my friends or hide away in my room (which was probably a good thing as I was grounded most of the time!). I was sulky, pouty, and definitely not fun to live with. I was far from God and was not living in a way that I was proud of. Basically, I was a self-absorbed teenager with no regard for anyone or anything!

But my girl…….she couldn’t be more different from me if she tried!

I am beyond happy and proud to see the young women she is becoming!

We have had so many changes in the last couple of years and none more than for Gracie. We took her completely out of her comfort zone and took her to Africa and then to build houses in Mexico. She got braces, moved from the only place she remembers as home (and subsequently has no furniture in her temporary room!) and now this week she has started High School for the first time (2.5 years later than all her friends!)

And through all this she has remained her bright bubbly cheery self! Sure we have had days where she is not quite herself but through everything she has shown maturity beyond her years. She has looked for the best in every situation and taken it all in her stride. I think she was more worried about me on Monday than she was for herself starting High School!

She talks to me about her dreams for the future and gets excited about what God has in store for her. She is secure in who she is and isn’t swayed by the world. She is a loyal friend,  has a huge heart for young kids and can hold a conversation with any adult she comes across. She is incredibly talented at art and photography and I know she will move mountains when given half the chance. Yep, pretty much she is the opposite of me at the same age….Praise the Lord!

So Mums, never under-estimate the power of prayer. I have been praying for Gracie since before she was born, that she would be all God has called her to be from any early age. That she wouldn’t get in with the “wrong crowd” but instead she would be an influencer.  That even through her teen years she would hear God’s voice and never walk away from Him.

It’s long days, and often longer nights when they are little, but I can guarantee you, putting in the hard yards when they are tots, sure pays off when they hit those teen years. Spend time with your kids, sometimes not talking but just listening, allowing them to be themselves, and be intentional about how you parent.

So as we celebrate Gracies 15th Birthday this week, I thank God for the amazing gift He has Blessed me with. For an incredible daughter who I am just so proud of and so excited to see where God takes her!

Happy Birthday Gracie


4 thoughts on “My Girl……

  1. Hi Kathy and Phil, delighted we are to hear your remarks about Gracie – beautiful young woman that she is. We had the same feelings re Hannah as she grew up and totally understand your joy and ‘pride’. Much should also be said about the parenting of children and I believe that both you and Phil can, without seeming arrogant in any way, take due credit for the young lives that you have created with God right there by your side. Looking forward to catching up sometime soon and wishing you all the best. Roger and Sue

  2. Boom! You knocked this one out of the park, Honey. I agree with all of your sentiments above. Gracie certainly is a rock-star!

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