When There Aren’t Enough Words…..

Don’t you think its funny when you are meant to be a writer and you have no words…none!
This is day 2 that I have sat here and tried to fill this page with words……but Nothing! Zilch, Nada! Not a thing!

It’s not that I don’t have any words, I mean really, I am a woman so I am not likely to run out, right?. But it’s more that I don’t have adequate words to convey what is in my heart!

So I am opening up my heart and writing what pours out….

It’s been 5 days since I have been home from Texas and I am beyond grateful at what God orchestrated while I was over there. 10 days of sunshine, hamburgers, shopping, amazing hospitality, good friends, new friends and uninterrupted time with God, planning, dreaming and believing with Him for all He has for me. And in the middle of that was Declare. The reason I made the big trek half way around the world. The reason I left my family. The reason I stepped out of my comfort zone. And the reason I knew God had called me to go.

Declare Conference this year, was more than I ever dreamed it could or would be. After the bar being set so high last year, I went this year wondering if it was just going to be a fun holiday. It’s a long way to go, and a long time to leave my family for just a fun holiday! I knew God had more in store for me, but really, how could it top last year?  What more could God have for me?

IMG_5636As I prayed on the plane over, God reminded me that He has given me a voice for a reason. He has called and equipped me to speak into (women’s) lives and that He has a bigger plan for my life than I can see, think or imagine at the moment. He assured me that writing is still a big part of my ministry and even though things seem to be changing at light speed for us at the moment, He has still called me to write. He also reminded me that connection is critical for what He has called me to.

As I spent 3 days reconnecting with friends and making new friends, God spoke into my life in ways I couldn’t even imagine. Dinner conversations, chatting in line for the bathroom, or running into people in the hallway of the Hotel, I knew God had gone before me and pre-ordained my steps and who I would run into! God doesn’t leave things to chance or coincidence. Nope, He knew exactly who I needed to connect with and was with me every step of the way. He even made this introvert girl, who so often feels like a fish out of water, feel like she was where she needed to be, that she actually fitted in! And as for those 2 am talks with my roommate….I seriously have no words for what she means to me or the crazy God connection that we have!

a declare women

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To Eryn, Michelle, Heather, and Kristin….I am grateful beyond words for you all. You stepped out in Wild Obedience when God asked you to put on a conference for Christian Women who blog. Because of these 4 women, the path God has me on has been altered, and the journey I am walking, has now become a journey with like-minded women who do what I do, and most importantly, get why I do what I do! I am part of an Army of Women that God is raising up. Each has their own voice with their own story to share, but we all share the same heart and we are all doing it for the same reason…….Glory for God.




8 thoughts on “When There Aren’t Enough Words…..

  1. Yay!! I was so blessed to finally meet you this year!

    I loved the time we had in Mastermind group together… and look forward to continuing to pray for you, the blogging trends in your homeland, and your ministry and global impact! May you see God at work in you and through you!!

  2. I love you Kathy! And I love how God is using you and all the more he has in store for you. It takes courage to do what you have done and come over for this conference 2 years in a row and I know God will bless you for it!


  3. Oh my sweet friend….your presence really brought my heart so much refreshment! I knew I was worn. I knew I was feeling frail. But you and your sunny self…and your listening ear and the beautiful deep of your heart…what a Godsend. Thank you! This was about so much more than writing or blogging. I am really taking hold of the Abundant Life these days in a way I never have…I just love you!

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