My Time Is Drawing Near!

It’s true, but no, I am not dying! Well not any quicker than I was yesterday anyway.

But I am very aware at the moment, that the time I get to spend with the kids is going to be changing from what it is at the moment! Jackson is furiously saving for his first house, and Gracie is finishing High School in a couple of months and looking at what the future holds for her! This time next year, things will look completely different for us. This excites me and scares me silly all at the same time!

Gone are the days, where Phil and I just make decisions and the kids follow along! We now have a calendar app so we can keep track of what everyone is doing! Jackson is probably not going to spend Christmas holidays with us as he is working and Gracie is in the process of looking for full-time work over summer. Things are changing friends, at a great knot of speeds, and this Mamma is trying to hold on for dear life!

And so a couple of weeks ago, when I had the opportunity to spend some quality time with Gracie, I knew I was going to make the most of it! My time with Gracie as I know it is drawing to a close. And I am ok with that. I am sad, but know this is what happens when our kids grow up. God has been preparing my heart for a while. He knew this was going to be hard for me, and so he has been gently guiding me as we navigate this new season.

Gracie and I took a road trip to my Mum and Dad’s as they were shifting house and we wanted to go down and help clean and say goodbye to my old family home. 6 hours in the car. Just me and my girl. Uninterrupted time with my baby and I was going to enjoy every single minute of it! And I did!

We stopped and took photo’s along the way. We laughed. We sang. We were silly. We had fun and we created memories! There was no pressure, no time constraints, and no one to tell us we couldn’t!

I savoured every minute of our time together. Gracie and I have taken many a road trip together but now she is growing up, they are becoming less and less as she spends more time with friends, and life seems to get busier and busier! I am not resentful of this but I am aware of it, so I can appreciate the time I do get with her!

It is a beautiful thing to say that you are friends with your daughter!
It hasn’t always been this way! When Gracie was about 13, she went through a “you are so awkward” phase with me and our relationship was not that close. But I am so thankful God told me to persevere, knowing she would get through that phase and we would end up as close as we are!

She is such an amazing young woman and I absolutely adore her. I am so proud of the woman she is becoming and seeing her walk out the things God has spoken over her life.

And so as we continue to navigate this new season, I am focusing on the here and now! I am appreciating the small things and enjoying the time I have with her before she flies the coop into the big wide world!

One thought on “My Time Is Drawing Near!

  1. Thank you for this Kathy, I love reading your blogs. They encourage me to know I’m normal and not alone Hahahaha.
    I get that whole feeling of the kids leaving. It’s crazy for us now. All 4 kids have left home. The empty house feeling is not one I am enjoying. Craig on the other hand…, well we won’t go there hahaha. Ashlea in NZ, Nicola is in her 2nd year of bible college, Matthew jyst got married to Janis, and Daniel is on his 1st year of bible college, and we have sold everything we own to be obedient to God and move to Nairobi, Kenya to be missionaries. Talk about a crazy, scary and emotional time. My mamas heart is happy and sad.

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