Is it a Bird, Is it a Plane…….

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Phil has been away at a conference this week, so it’s just been me and the kids at home.

supermanI’m not quite sure what it is, but when Phil is away, I turn into Super-Mum, which is probably a good thing considering my efforts (or lack of them) last week!

You think it would be the opposite…. No hubby means I can slack off, put my feet up, lie on the couch eating french fries (we all know how much I love french fries!) and not worry about tidying the house or doing the washing until 15 minutes before he walks in the door!

But for me it is the opposite, the house is tidier than normal, the bed is made (actually to be honest the bed is always made as I can’t stand it all wrinkly) the washing up to date, kitchen bench beautifully clean & clear, baking containers all full and basically all round Super Mum!

As I was folding the washing this morning in my ever so tidy lounge, I was pondering this oddity:

  • Why be so organized when no one is here to appreciate it? (I’m sure the kids don’t actually care!)
  •  Why not be a slacker till 15 minutes before he walks in the door, he will never know the difference!
  • Why not lie on the couch eating french fries, hmmm I love french fries!

I would love to tell you that the reason is I have super powers that kick-in when Phil isn’t around. Kind of like Superman, whenever he see’s someone in trouble he runs off to the phone booth, rips open his shirt to reveal the giant S and finds the super powers that lie within. But, alas, that doesn’t happen to me, there is no ripping open of the shirt (which I am sure you are all pleased to hear) and no super powers that magically appear. No, just the same Kathy that I am when Phil is here. However, I did come to one realization…… God is my super power!

Now, I understand how lame that sounds, God is my super power! Sounds like something I should be teaching at Children’s Church, not blogging to grown ups!

But it’s really true! God has called both Phil and I, to lead a life that is busy, exhilarating, and nonstop. We often talk about “when life slows down” or “when life gets back to normal” but I have also come to the realization that there is no such thing as “normal” and life just doesn’t seem to slow down, and actually I wouldn’t have it any other way!

And so God has equipped me with the ability to cope on my own when Phil is away. I love the fact that I don’t turn into a blubbering mess when he’s away, but instead dig deep, do the best I can and not just cope but actually thrive. Not to mention I get to starfish in bed and turn my electric blanket on full!

In saying all of this, its only 2 more sleeps till Phil is home…… and I can’t wait, I miss him like crazy when he is away and I am looking forward to hanging up my super cape and going back to the Dynamic Duo (and yes Batman and Robin is springing to mind!)