The Power of our Words.

Our words have power!

Whether we use them to uplift and encourage or to pull someone down, they have power.

I am learning more and more that what I speak to people has the power to change their day….. for better or for worse, and so I need to be careful with the words I chose. Not just with the people close to me, but everyone I come across in my day. A kind word to the girl at the New World check out can have the power to change her day. Try it! Next time you’re at the supermarket, instead of keeping your head down, cause your in a hurry or you can’t be bothered making polite chit chat, look her in the eye, ask how her day is going and smile! I have honestly seen the physical change in someone when you take the time to be genuinely interested in them.

a word

I am also on a journey of discovering that the words I speak to myself are just as important. I have the power in the words I speak to myself every morning, to pick myself up or wallow in self-pity, to be a conquerer or to be a victim. I have the ability to change my whole day and that of my family and the people who I come into contact with all because of my self-talk.

I know how easy is it to go off on a tangent with your thinking and then to start to believe those lies that we tell ourselves each day, really, without even thinking about what we are saying to ourselves:  I am not good enough,  I am not a great wife, I am a useless Mum, I will never be as good as people say I can be!

I am learning more and more to declare God’s truth over my life every morning, even before my feet hit the ground, I speak His truth into my life and refuse to entertain those lies that are there to steal my self-esteem, my confidence and the joy of who God created me to be.

Your words have the power to not only change your life, but of those around you? What will you choose today, life or death….. its up to you!