Just over a week till its all Over!

Yip, that’s right!

This time in 10 days, I will be on the other side. Done and dusted. Finished. Completed. OVER!

Yip, my half marathon will be done. Biggest goal I think I have ever set myself will be completed, well at least I hope it will be completed. I have been having a few dreams (well, more like nightmares!) lately that I don’t quite cross the finish line! You know things like getting hit by a car, running in the wrong direction, and sleeping through my alarm and missing the whole thing. I’m sure I am not the only runner to have these dreams…… Am I?

It has been a very long 6 months of training, and I’m not just talking about pounding the pavement for hours every week! I have been tired, grumpy, tired, hungry, and tireder than anything! I have drained my body of all the iron stores it had, and have pushed it beyond what it could do! I have blisters and callous’s on my feet and most of my toenails have turned black! I have eat, slept, and lived running and it would be fair to say I have become a little more than obsessed with it! Do I love it? Well, that is up for debate, but I am definitely addicted!

My family has been amazing at encouraging and supporting me and listening to my continuous Ramblings about running and everything related to it. Phil has been on 90% of the training runs with me. He has run further than he ever has before and been my biggest cheerleader, I could not have gotten this far without him. He pushed himself through his comfort zones just so I can achieve my goal. Then there is my coach who has been amazing too. Answering all my e-mails, at all hours of the day. E-mails that with no doubt, are some of the silliest of questions. Without his plan and guidance, I would have given up months ago! But there is nothing like accountability to family and friends who support you to get you out of bed at 6am on a cold Saturday morning!

But alas, I speak as though I have already crossed that finish line! Nope, I still actually have to get out there on Saturday week, line up with the thousands of other crazies, and run for 21.1 k’s. To be honest, I am nervous, worried, and unsure if I can do it. The training plan would tell me otherwise, so I just need to fight the negative thoughts, know I have put in the hard yards and know that I can do this!

Yip, I’m sure I’m not the only one who will be glad when this is all over.

Now for my next goal…..

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2 thoughts on “Just over a week till its all Over!

  1. Enjoy the anticipation! Live in the moment in the event! And do take time to savor your successes afterwards before ploughing on. And as my friend and mentor Dennis McIntee likes to point out: life (growth and change) is a process, not an event. Just as you have so entertainingly shared in your posts.

    Free goal setting tip (if you don’t already do this): have three layers of personal achievement targets for key events. The lowest bar should be a stretch from normal, but not too far. Just showing up at a distance running event would certainly count. Next, a goal that you could likely achieve but is still special. Like maybe matching or modestly exceeding a seasonal PR. Finally have a “most optimistic” target. A thing to strive and dream for that you might conceivably hit just out beyond. Thus, you will always have something to celebrate, and always something to stretch towards.

    P.S. – the biggest argument in my brain about running is not so much whether to continue or stop. But rather, whether to start in the first place!

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