How did that even Happen?

2 years!

Yip, for 2 years I have written this blog! I know, I can hardly believe it either! Time just seems to fly when you are having fun, and yes, I do consider this fun!

Ok, so it’s not fun every single week! Some weeks I do struggle with words, with grammar and with spelling but I know this is what God has called me to do, and so faithfully I write every week! Some weeks I write with an audience in mind and other weeks I just write and pray God will give me the words someone needs to hear! Some weeks it’s easy to wear my heart on my sleeve, and some weeks I struggle with vulnerability! But either way I know this is His calling so I faithfully hang in there!

Over the last 2 years there have certainly been many ups and downs in my life, and I am thankful for the opportunity to share them all with you….the good, the bad, the ugly and everything in between! Yip, some of you have been faithfully following my life’s journey for 2 years now, we have been through a lot and I am thankful for your following and encouragement along the way.

Stick-ability (yes, I am sure that’s a word, I use it all the time, so it has to be…right?) is not one of my strong points and so the fact that I haven’t given up yet is a miracle in itself! Sure, there have been weeks where I am left wondering why I am doing this, wondering if anyone is even reading, and questioning God and His plan for my life (please tell me I am not the only one who does that?) But here I am, still hanging in there, still writing, and hopefully still encouraging you to be all God has called you to be!

I have no doubt (well, today anyway!) that I will still be writing this in another 2 years, but I do dream and wonder where God is taking me with this. I have another project up my sleeve that I am praying will come into fruition this year, but I am leaving it in God’s timing. It has been in the “dreaming” stage for a while now, and it’s scary even mentioning it, but I know that once you put it out there, there is accountability and follow through, so, watch this space friends!

But for now I will continue with this blog. I will continue through the tears, the laughter and all the spelling mistakes until God tells me otherwise. I will continue to be honest, write from the heart and just be me.

And so today I will celebrate this milestone and I will celebrate it in style……with a burger, fries and an ice cold coke!


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