I am a Hero!

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No, I don’t wear a big red cape or my underwear on the outside (well not on purpose anyway!) I don’t have any super powers that can help me fly, read people’s thoughts or leap a tall building in a single bound. I don’t have super strength and I can’t save a train which has derailed and about to plunge into the river. Nope, no super powers at all, but I am still a hero!

I am reading an amazing book at the moment by Donald Miller called “How to tell a Story”. This is the second of his books that I have devoured! I love the way he writes, what he writes about and the way he draws you into his story.

Anyway, in this book he writes about the structure of a story and how the main character of any story is the Hero. There are other characters such as a guide, but the hero is the center of the story. This doesn’t mean they are necessarily the strongest person in the story and they need the “guide” to give them a plan but they are the one to implement it.

So it got me to thinking about my story and, if I am the central character, then I guess that makes me the Hero! I have never thought of myself as a hero before. Sure, I saved a sheep from drowning in our pool (that’s a long story and one I will leave for another day!) but a hero? Not even close!

But if I look at my life, I am the one who is responsible for my happiness, my well being, the path that I walk and the choices I make. Yes, I have guides, Phil, my close friends and of course Jesus, but the hero is the one who needs to take action, to make a change, and that person is and can only be me!

So I guess that makes me a hero, well in my story anyway! It may not be in the same shape as what a 7-year-old would imagine or describe, but then again, when I think of hero’s I don’t think of a 40’ish, 5’2, white female who eats too many french fries either!

I like the fact that I can be the hero. I can’t blame anyone else when my life doesn’t go the way I want, I can change it if it’s not going right and I can take the credit when it’s going great. I am in control, for better or worse, and so as a hero I need to step up and take control instead of just letting life happen to me!

But again, please hear me, I may be the hero, but I can’t make life without a guide. I can’t do anything I do without Jesus, but He has also equipped me with the power to make decisions and choices, and has given me freedom to be the Hero He has called me to be.

So if I am the hero of my story, that my friend makes you the hero of your story! So go ahead, accept the title, take charge, and be the Hero of your own story!

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